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What are Bumpadum All-in-One Cloth Diapers?

Hello there!

Welcome to the world of cloth diapers!! Bumpadum AIO diapers are every bit as convenient as disposable diapers. They are waterproof, easy to use and come in cute patterns to boot!

Bumpadum All-in-One diaperAs the name suggests, AIOs or "All-in-one" diapers have both the waterproof and absorptive layers stitched together into one unit.

The outer waterproof layer is 100% polyester laminated with a very very thin film of polyurethane (PUL). It ensures that there is no wetness leaking to the outside of the diaper.

The diaper is One-Size-Fits-All (OS), meaning that you can use it as your baby grows from about 4 months to 3 years. It has

(i) 3 rows of snaps in the front that can be set to achieve different heights. Snap it to the smallest setting for younger babies, and open it fully for older toddlers. The picture above shows the snaps set to the middle setting, used for babies from 8-9 months till 2 years.

(ii) 5 sets of snaps on the side that can be set to achieve different waist circumference. Set it to the tightest setting for smaller babies and to the outermost snaps for older toddlers.

Bumpadum Diaper InsideThe diaper is lined with buttery soft micro fleece on the inside, and is "stay-dry", meaning your baby's skin will not feel any wetness. 

The absorptive layer, called "insert" is attached to the body of the diaper. The insert performs the main absorption function of the diaper and is made of hemp and cotton fabrics. It is also stay-dry on the top. 

The insert is long and snake like, and needs to be folded in half before putting the diaper on your baby. The Bumpadum AIO provides 9 layers of absorption, enough to tackle 8-9 hours of non-stop night usage too!

The diaper needs to be changed every 3-4 hours during day time. They can usually hold a few pees, but need to be changed immediately on pooping. They need to be washed before reuse. 

Hope this helps you understand the basics of our cloth diapers. Our next article will be about the biggest challenge people face in using cloth diapers - laundry! :)



  • Alka`Mishra

    When are you going to launch new stock of the diapers?
    Please update us so that we dont have to face the hard luck again..

  • Rajini


    When is it available for online purchase? Please keep us posted


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