Different types of Bumpadum cloth diapers

Bumpadum cloth diapers come in many varieties. Most of our diapers have two parts — the waterproof part which prevents leaks and holds the mess inside; and the absorptive part which does the actual absorption of urine. Based on how these two parts are stitched together/constructed, Bumpadum diapers can be categorised into different types:

1) Duet and Aviva All-in-one (AIO) diapers: These diapers are most similar to disposable diapers in ease of use and stay-dry feel. Just pick up a clean diaper and put it on the baby. These AIOs come with a waterproof shell and absorbent insert that can be snapped together. Most suited for babies who pee very frequently, for going outside the home and for overnight usage as AIOs offer the best leak-proof performance.

Duet diapers have a stay-dry lining on the inside and keep your baby's bottom dry, while Aviva diapers are lined with organic cotton, hence will feel wet to the touch. You can choose either based on your preference.

Since the insert is snapped on to the shell, Duet and Aviva offer the versatility of choosing the insert you want to use with the shell. You can choose from any of our inserts depending on the usage - daytime, night time or organic cotton inserts. Just snap on the insert to the shell and use it wash after wash!

Bumpadum Duet and Aviva cloth diapers with insert

2) Pocket diapers: These diapers also separate out the waterproof and absorptive layers. There is a waterproof part which has a ‘pocket’ or small opening, into which the absorptive layers (called insert) needs to be stuffed into. Once this is done, the entire unit goes on the baby. There is an additional job of stuffing the pocket with these kind of diapers, but it offers the advantage of stuffing however many inserts you want, depending on how much absorbency you want. Staying at home and/or your baby pees less? Just use a pocket diaper with a single insert. Going out and/or baby pees a little more? Use two inserts instead of one. However the disadvantage of pocket diapers is that the inserts tend to bunch up sometimes, causing leaks. Best suited for babies who are not very active yet and cannot walk/run around.

3) Fitted Diapers: These are very similar to our Duet AIOs, but don't have a waterproof lamination on the shell. The shell is water resistant, not waterproof, yet provides 3-4 hours of leakproof performance for most babies. Hence it is a more breathable option for babies with sensitive skin.

Want to use a fitted diaper overnight? Use a waterproof diaper cover on top of it to protect bedding. 

4) Flats: These are large square pieces of cloth that come in two sizes - small (60x60 cm) and medium(70x70 cm). They can be folded in different ways and wrapped around the baby's bottom. They are typically secured with a large safety pin.

5) Prefolds: These are square pieces of multi-layer cloth stitched together, which are used similar to flats, but are pre-stitched into a specific size and shape.

Both flats and pre-folds are not waterproof or stay-dry and are more suitable to provide a breathable option especially for newborn babies.


  • Anna

    Hi, I would like to buy bumpadum diaper but not getting the wanted print. I want a duet diaper in amsterdam print but that’s available only in aviva organic – which i dont want cos i want to use for a longer time. Can you please let me know when duet diaper prints are updated?

  • Seema

    Since the neo diapers have a snap to attach the insert, can inserts be bought separately so that only insert can be replaced when wet ?

  • Dr Anu

    Can these prefolds n flats be used in organic cotton aviva dipes on 4month old baby??

  • Pratirupa

    I am a first-time mommy and want to try cloth diapering. I am ordering three Newborn diapers. I would like to know if I should wear any extra items like inserts, etc.

  • Lakshmi

    How much is the cost? Can I have one trial piece

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