Everyday wonder women: Cloth diapering moms of multiples

While many cloth-diapering mothers swear by these eco-friendly alternatives, there are a few who take it to the next level—cloth diapering moms of multiples, crème de la crème of the entire tribe! We present to you, some of the super moms who manage their homes, work and babies with cloth diapers in the mix.

Meet Ruckmani Ananthanarayanan, a Puducherry-based entrepreneur who dons a bigger hat of being the mother of three boys, of which her twins are currently being cloth diapered. She has managed to exclusively cloth diaper her twin boys, who are almost a year old, since they were 15 days old.

Cloth diapers for twins

“My stash consists of a few prefolds, Aviva and Duet diapers. Prefolds are used for the first half of the day followed by organic inserts. Duet diapers with hemp boosters are our trusted night time option,” says Ruckmani. A very active member of Bumpadum Circle, our Facebook support group, she has also picked up a few hacks suggested by fellow mothers to improve her experience. “Sometimes I also add a velour wipe as my boys are heavy wetters. This combination has never failed us so far and has been our bullet-proof night solution,” she adds.

Twice the number equals twice the fun, but also twice the laundry! To deal with the everyday pile of her heavywetters, she makes sure to wash them every day so that her daily workload is spread evenly and doesn’t affect other activities. What more, she finds diaper laundry, the rinsing, washing, snapping and folding very therapeutic!


Pooja Jha, an ardent fan of cloth diapers, has both her boys in them currently. While she chanced upon cloth diapers only when her older son was two and a half years old, her youngest has been exclusively cloth-diapered since birth. From flats to pre-folds and All-in-One (AIO) diapers, Pooja manages with a mixed stash, which she uses interchangeably for her boys at times.

Pooja’s experience of using disposable diapers for her older son has been a huge learning of sorts, especially about the economics of diapering. Before switching to cloth, she remembers spending an average of Rs. 1000 per month for disposable diapers alone, a whopping Rs. 30,000 on disposables alone for one baby. The amount of money spent on her combined cloth diaper stash for both boys is still lower than that!

Cloth diapers for siblings, two babies

“Despite spending so much, we had a lot of trouble with rashes for our elder one. We didn’t have any incidence of rashes after switching to cloth diapers. So, a big win all round--baby’s comfort, economics and the environment,” Pooja exclaims.


Another super mom in our tribe is Anjana Dev. Mother of twins, a boy and a girl, she discovered cloth diapers only when her children were eight months old. “I was not aware of cloth diapers initially and used disposable diapers for outings and night times. Very happy to share that we have not used a single disposable diaper ever since we discovered modern cloth diapers,” mentions Anjana.

She maintains a separate stash of eight diapers each for them both, and manages to cloth diaper her babies with 16 diapers in total along with a few flats and langots! She hand-washes the diapers and uses the machine only for spin drying them.

Cloth diapers for twins

Her minimal stash serves her well as she uses diapers only when the little ones take a nap during the day and for the nights. “We have been using Bumpadums exclusively for nights and has not failed us so far. It’s either the Duet or Aviva with pre-folds, and this usually lasts us the entire night,” she adds.

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