Welcome Comfortable Periods with Bhoomi Cloth Pads

Welcome Comfortable Periods with Bhoomi Cloth Pads

Bhoomi Cloth pads are an excellent way to navigate through periods without having to worry about discomfort. If you are new to cloth pads, here's all information you need to get started with Bhoomi cloth pads. 


When starting out on your own journey with cloth pads, there might be many many questions on your mind. One of them could be stash size and how many cloth pads you need for one cycle?
There is no one stash size that works for most formula, but we would love to help you decide on what will work best for you <3
To start with answer these questions for yourself:
How many days of periods you have?
How many days of heavy flow, medium flow and spotting?
What is your build type - petite, average, large or plus sized

If you are of a petitite or average build, we recommend considering 3-4 medium pads for daytime and 1 large pad for night for each heavy flow day, 3 medium pads for each medium flow day and 3 liners for each spotting day. If you are of a large or plus size build, we recommend replacing the medium pads with large ones for daytime usage and the large pads with XL pads for nighttime usage on heavy flow days.

You also have to choose whether you want to repeat using a pad within the same cycle after laundry or whether you would like to use any particular pad just once. If you would be ok to reuse the pads in the same cycle, you can consider having 70% of the stash size arrived using the above mentioned recommendations.
While you need to change the pads on a need basis, our recommendations also takes into account the fact that pads need to be changed maximum of every 5-6 hours during the daytime due to hygiene reasons.

Bhoomi Cloth Pads Reusable Menstrual Hygiene Products


Maintaining cloth pads is pretty easy if you follow a simple yet effective wash routine. Detailed hand wash routine that that we recommend following (takes 3-4 minutes apart from soaking time):
1. Rinse thoroughly in water until the water runs clear. Allow a stream of water flow from the top to bottom of the pad, squeezing multiple times in between. You really appreciate the absorption capacity of the pad when you do this.
2. Rub the pad against itself to remove any stains.
3. Put some detergent onto the surface of the pad and rub to generate lather
4. Take 2 inches of water in a mug, with a small amount of detergent. Put the pad into the mug and agitate a little bit to lather up.
5. Leave the pad soaking in the mug for 30 mins - 1 hour.
6. Took out the pad and rinsed under the tap to remove all detergent.
7. Dry in the sun if possible

Some Do's and Don'ts:

1. Rinse as soon as you can, max within 12 hrs of usage. The sooner you rinse, the easier it is to get rid of stains

2. Do not use hot water in the first rinse, hot water would set the stains

3. Do not use liquid detergents or disinfectants or fabric softeners

4. Soaking in water for prolonged duration is not recommended to avoid degradation of absorbent natural fabric

5. No hand brush please, good agitation is enough


Hope this information helps you understand how easy it is to adopt sustainable menstrual hygiene. If you use the cup, kudos to you! If you are among the many many women still unsure of using the cup, do try out cloth pads, they are amazing and you will never go back to disposable pads.

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Divya Waghmare

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