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Everyday wonder women: Cloth diapering moms of multiples

While many cloth-diapering mothers swear by these eco-friendly alternatives, there are a few who take it to the next level—cloth diapering moms of multiples, crème de la crème of the entire tribe! We present to you, some of the super moms who manage their homes, work and babies with cloth diapers in the mix.

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Keeping rashes at bay: A low-down on diaper rashes and ways to avoid them

  An ardent Bumpadum user, Dr. Betsy Shalom addresses the concerns related to Diaper rashes in this guest blog post.   Diaper rash is the most common type of skin eruption encountered in infants and toddlers and is truly agonizing, both for the parents and the baby. But why does it occur? Are there ways to prevent them from happening? A cloth diapering mom myself, this blog post is my attempt to clear doubts regarding diaper rashes and ways to prevent them from occurring. What are rashes and why do they occur? More often than not, a host of factors contribute to diaper rash. Excessive moisture, skin friction, altered skin pH (a measure of skin alkalinity or acidity) are the usual...

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10 ways to reuse Bumpadum packing material

  Our mom-tribe member and a Bumpadum user for the last one and half years, Revathy Raju won our coveted title of "Sustainability Goddess" a few months ago. In this guest blog post, she pens down multiple uses of our sustainable packaging material. Whenever we receive a package from Bumpadum, the excitement is usually two-fold. One, the irresistible diapers themselves and two, the eco-friendly and sustainable packaging they come in. Sustainability and creativity go hand-in-hand with Bumpadum packing material. Here I am sharing all that I have managed to create using the packaging materials-- velour wraps, carton boxes and the ribbons Bumpadum sends its products in. Bandana bib – I have not been very successful in making my son wear a...

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