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Bumpadum Aviva Organic Cotton Diapers

Bumpadum Aviva Organic Cotton Diapers fit babies from 5-15 kgs. These come with the goodness of 100% organic cotton, offering excellent absorbency and extremely trim fit for your baby.

Aviva diapers come with a waterproof shell lined with organic cotton and an insert made entirely of 100% organic cotton. The insert can be attached to the shell through snaps and can be removed during washing.

Aviva diapers are particularly suitable for babies sensitive to synthetic materials. You can also use Aviva to get the trimmest fit - almost like an underwear. However, you will need to use an additional fleece liner between the diaper and your baby's skin to keep your baby's bottom dry.

As with our Duet diapers, we let you buy the shell alone without any inserts, so if you've been drooling over our amazing prints, just go ahead and get the shell! Want excellent absorbency too? Pick up our inserts with the shell. So Simple!

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