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N.E.A.T. Two Night Diaper Combo for Very Heavy Wetters

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Rs. 1,125.00

The N.E.A.T. Combo is the perfect way to start night diapering - one combo that works great for two nights!

  • Night time
  • Economical
  • high Absorbency
  • Two Nights

This combo comes with the following items:

One Duet Diaper Shell/One Cover Diaper Shell: The shell/cover diaper has four rise settings and will fit babies from 3 months - 3 years. It has a side snapping system to ensure snug fit and is easy to use. The Duet Diaper shell is fully lined with stay dry fabric keeping the baby's skin free from wetness, while the cover diaper shell is partially lined at front and back with dry feel fabric. The cover diaper shell can be wiped with a wet cloth, air-dried and reused.

One Dry feel Daytime Soaker for Very Heavy Wetters: Long foldable natural fabric soaker with dry feel layer on top. Custom fold to give more absorbency where your child needs it - front or middle or even throughout.

One 4Night Prefold for Very Heavy Wetters: Heavy duty foldable insert with specially designed wet zone. Lasts 10-12 hours overnight even for heavy wetters.

One Hemp Booster: Trim booster that adds 2-3 hours of absorbency for overnight usage.

Ideal usage: Shell + Daytime Soaker + Hemp booster for Night 1, wash shell in the morning. Reuse shell + 4Night prefold for Night 2.

Please refer to the image for the print of the Duet diaper (Torana) or Cover diaper (Bow Wow) that you will be receiving in your order. If you would like to select any other prints for your order, please check the available prints under Cover diapers or Duet diapers collection. Please leave a note during checkout or PM us immediately on our FB page with the print name that you would like to receive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

I used the 4 night prefold bt it only lasted for 4 hrs in the night since there was leakage.. So kinda disappointed because I was expecting for a good 6 to 8 hrs atleast.. Haven't used the booster hemp yet.

Hi Devi, We are sorry to hear about your experience.
Cloth diapers have a bit of a learning curve, but hang in there, we are here to help you get over the problems:)
Leaks happen mainly due to fit or wash routine related issues. As you are a new user, its likely that this is a fit issue, so we would like to check fit first and recommended fit changes. Hope to have your cooperation so that we can help you get the best use out of our diapers.
We will need the following details so that we are able to help you better. Please use the diaper during daytime and share the following details:
Fit pictures of when the diaper is on your baby. Ensure that the crotch and thigh areas are clearly visible. There should be at least one pic from above showing the entire lower half of the baby clearly from navel till feet
1. Your baby's weight and age
2. Which detergent is being used to wash the diaper
We will be able to help you better once you share this information

We are available to offer support through Chat/FB Messenger/Whatsapp/Instagram

Shifa Mohammed
5 Stars - Very Good

I Love the absorbency of the daytime soaker and 4night prefold.. comparitivvely easier to dry yet very good absorbency.the entire night used only 1diaper with my heavy wetter

Libina Babu
5 Stars - Very Good

Excellent absorption for heavy wetters.

Amrutha Avinash
neat two night combo

Its very comfortable on my baby and it lasts up to 10hrs. I'm very happy buying this and worth buying it. I jus love this product and I still continue to buy

Neenu Paul
Thanks Bumpadum...

so neat & slim diaper with super designs...4 night prefold has super baby is so comfortable with these diaper..will try other designs ..

NEAT combo

Combo is very useful.i bought two.alternative days am feels very comfortable. Torana print👌.duet pro very perfect for night time.Thank you team.

Praveena Vankadari
N.E.A.T two night combo

Thanks for sending the print which I asked.
I am satisfied with this product and 4 night prefold insert is good.