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Austen Neo Putani All-in-One Diaper

Rs. 630.00

Product Details

Our Neo Putani diapers pack in superb absorbency and comfort for your little one's delicate skin in incredibly adorable newborn size.
• Newborn size diaper. Fits babies from 3 - 7 kgs approximately
• 4 side snap settings and 4 rise settings for the perfect fit to allow even the smallest of squishes to fit into it
• Trifold insert with total 10 layers of absorbency - 3 layers of organic cotton in 3 panels with an additional layer of hemp in the centre panel. One panel is topped with micro fleece to keep baby's bottom dry
• Buttery soft fabric on the inside keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable
• Tying loops in trifold makes it easy to be used for premie babies also
• Trimmer Shell with broader panel in front to minimize wing leak
• Trifold insert snaps on to the shell, keeps the absorbency in place,
• Faster drying time of trifold insert makes for no laundry headaches especially important in those first few months :)

Customer Reviews

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Best quality

Nice quality diapers


Love the quality and perfection with which each diaper is crafted.


Eye catching,excellent product

Love Neo Putani for my Putani

I used the Neo Putani tester on my Putani and fell in love with the trifold insert. The idea of a trifold for a newborn diaper is very welcoming because we need a lot of diaper changes in the initial few weeks obviously because newborns poop a lot. And the trifold dries within few hours.I have washed the trifold in the morning (on a day when the sun was not very generous) and have had it ready to use in the night. The very first time i used it in the day, it lasted for 4 hours (my baby is a medium wetter in the day time). So the 2nd time I used it at night. My baby being a light wetter at night I didn't use any booster and it lasted for10 hours and I removed it because I don't prefer to keep it longer. The super-soft microfleece layer makes sure that the baby's bum is always dry which is important for babies like mine who are sensitive to wetness. It can also be folded such that the organic cotton touches the baby's bum. The trifold has a snap button and a tie and it can be used for smaller babies(preemies or constitutionally small babies) without the outershell, making it a versatile option. With the NeoV3 insert i was having crumpling issues near the crotch. The trifold crumpled a lot less as compared to Neo V3 velour insert. And the absorbency of the organic cotton is as good as, if not better than velour. The trifold is trimmer than velour insert and I actually resized the diaper to a smaller rise setting. My baby was 4.5 months old and 4.5kgs when I tried the tester.She has a lean built.So neos still form a majority of my stash. And with the trifold now I think I can use it longer than I thought I could. The elastics of the neo shells are very gentle and I'd definitely like to hang on to them as long as possible before i build my AIO stash.The classy bumpadum prints that these Neo diapers come in are the icing on the cake.

Neo Putani

I had been using a NeoV3 diaper when I received a tester diaper with the trifold insert from Bumpadum. I was excited to try it out cause I felt it would have a similar soft feel of a cloth langot, which I use primarily. My baby was 3.5 months old and 4.5 kgs when I used it. I used it during the day primarily, and it lasted 2 to 3 hours depending on the weather cause it was raining and my baby would pee more often. On other days it lasted for a minimum of 3 hours, sometimes longer. I also used them during the night, sometimes, and it lasted longer. As am new to cloth diapers, am slowly reducing disposable ones. The trifold holds poo really well and doesn't leak. Washing is easy, like any other clothing. It dries quickly and a little longer based on weather. The insert retains it's size after multiple washing and there's no shrinking or change in shape. I feel the trifold insert is much more delicate for a newborn compared to the Neo V3. Also I didn't have a problem of it crumpling near the crotch which I faced with the Neo V3 velour insert. The microfleece option was a breath of fresh air for me and my baby's bum. I was worried about wetness when I started using cloth diapers, and this totally changed my perception and confidence. With the microfleece, it's always dry and comfortable for my baby.

I'd like to thank Bumpadum for choosing me and my baby as part of this tester group. As a first a time mother and newbie to cloth diapers, this experience has changed a lot of ideas I had previously about diapers. I use disposable diapers out of no choice while taking my daughter out, and didn't particularly like using them. Am happy to see the new Neo Putani up and will gladly increase my stash. Makes diapering an easier and happier experience.


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