About Us

Our Products

Bumpadum provides cloth diapers for babies, cloth sanitary pads for women and accessories for sustainable living that are designed and made entirely in India.

Our cloth diapers keep the baby dry and comfortable. No mess, no stink, no leaky diapers! Cloth diapers are also better for the environment. By choosing our cloth diapers for the first three years of your baby's life, you avoid sending over 1500 kgs of non-biodegradable toxic waste to landfills. Finally, Bumpadum diapers are more economical in the long run. They cost 30-60% less than disposable diapers depending on how much you splurge on our adorable designs and prints ;)

Caring for Bumpadum cloth diapers is simple - just do laundry once in 2 days! As simple as that!

We believe that cloth diapers can be adopted by all families irrespective of where they live, what their income is or who the primary caregiver is. We provide unlimited lifelong customer support to enable families to get the most out of Bumpadum cloth diapers.

Our Company

Bumpadum's mission is to create a better childhood and a better future by making and promoting sustainable products. We provide economical, yet high-quality modern cloth diapers, cloth sanitary pads and accessories. We take pride in being designed and manufactured entirely in India. We provide employment to local tailors as well as promote local industries for all raw materials. We are based in Bangalore, India.

Anuradha Rao, the founder of Bumpadum, has an MBA from Yale University and a software engineering degree from Bangalore, India. She worked as a strategy consultant prior to founding Bumpadum.

The story of Bumpadum

"I was unaware of modern cloth diapers when my daughter was born in 2014. After experiencing the enormous amount of disposable diaper waste generated in the first year of my daughter's life, I yearned for a solution that was more environment friendly. At the same time, I wanted something that would give me the convenience of a disposable diaper - waterproof and easy-to-use.

After being introduced to modern cloth diapers through social media, I realized that this was the answer to my daughter's diaper needs. However, I was surprised to find that most modern cloth diapers available in India were imported and expensive, while traditional cloth diapers were not waterproof and comfortable. I felt that a locally produced, high-quality yet affordable brand of modern cloth diapers could be the answer many Indian mothers were looking for. I decided to start manufacturing them myself, and thus was born Bumpadum!"

- Anuradha