Brownie Points Program

Bumpadum brownie points


1. Terms and conditions apply. Bumpadum reserves the right to change/add/remove provisions or the entire program at our discretion, without being liable to reimburse/redeem/reverse/award Brownie Points/discount codes to the program members.

2. This program is run by Bumpadum in good faith for our customers. Misuse of the program to create fake/multiple accounts will result in the awarded Brownie Points/discount codes being reversed/invalidated to the extent of the order being cancelled or the customer account being locked in cases of repeated misuse.

Brownie Point Program FAQs

1. How can I earn Brownie Points?

You need to first create an account on with your email id. Once logged in, you earn Brownie Points for purchases, social media actions and referrals as shown in the graphic above.

PS: Kindly create and login to your account before placing the order so that the Brownie Points are credited to you when you make a purchase. It should typically take less than 24 hours for the points to be reflected in your account.

If you do not create an account or login to your account Brownie Points will not be credited. This is standard practice across all e-commerce sites, so please be aware of it

2. Where can I view/redeem Brownie Points?

Once you are logged in to your account at, click on the "Brownie Points" button at the bottom left. If you are on your cell phone, click on the black button showing a gift box at bottom left. This will open up a widget that contains more details on your accrued Brownie Points as well as ways to earn more points and rewards that can be redeemed.

3. How do I refer my friends to Bumpadum?

Scroll down the Brownie Points tab to see your unique referral link that can be shared with your friend. Once your friend clicks on the link, she will need to enter an email id previously unregistered with our website to receive a discount code by email. She can then use the discount code upon logging into her account on Note that the discount code is valid on our diapers only (starter packs excluded).

4. Can I reverse Brownie Points that I redeemed?

Unfortunately we will not be able to reverse Brownie Points that have been redeemed. Kindly check the different tiers of redemption and the corresponding discounts before redeeming your points.

5. How can I get Brownie Points for my baby's birthday? 

Enter your baby's birthday at least 30 days before the actual birthday. The points will be credited on the birthday to your account. This can be made use of only once in a year.

6. Is there a validity period for the brownie points?

Yes. Brownie points expire after a period of inactivity of 6 months. Inactivity is defined as a period where no points are earned or redeemed.

7. Is there a validity period for the redeemed discount code?

Yes. Discount codes expire after a period of 6 months from the date of redemption.