Brownie Points Program



1. Terms and conditions apply. Bumpadum reserves the right to change/add/remove provisions or the entire program at our discretion, without being liable to reimburse/redeem/reverse/award Brownie Points/discount codes to the program members.

2. This program is run by Bumpadum in good faith for our customers. Misuse of the program to create fake/multiple accounts will result in the awarded Brownie Points/discount codes being reversed/invalidated to the extent of the order being cancelled or the customer account being locked in cases of repeated misuse.

Brownie Point Program FAQs

1. How can I earn Brownie Points?

You earn Brownie Points for purchases made on Bumpadum and are credited after delivery of the product. The points earned would be available for redemption against future orders.

2. Where can I view/redeem Brownie Points?

Please Whatsapp us on +917406610051 to check your balance and redeem Brownie points.

3. How do I refer my friends to Bumpadum?

Please use our WhatsApp chat ot on +917406610051 to refer friends to Bumpadum.

4. Can I reverse Brownie Points that I redeemed?

Unfortunately we will not be able to reverse Brownie Points that have been redeemed.


5. Is there a validity period for the brownie points?

Yes. Loyalty points expire after 120 days of being earned.

6. Is there a validity period for the redeemed discount code?

Yes. Discount codes expire after a period of 30 days from the date of redemption.