Duet Pro Night Diaper - The Real Free Size Night Diaper

Duet Pro Night Diaper

The REAL Free Size All Night Diaper

The modern way to diaper your baby is with Bumpadum Cloth Diapers. Bumpadum diapers combine the advantages of disposable diapers and cloth langots into a unique, high-performing waterproof cloth diaper.

Perfect Fit
for 3 months - 3 years

The same diaper can be used 300+ times from 3 months to 3 years of age.
The rise settings in the front help choose the best fit for your baby. Set it once and forget about it for the next 4-5 months. Only change once your baby has grown significantly.

Lasts All Night,
Keeps Baby Dry

No boosters required. Period.

Our specially designed GOTS certified organic cotton prefold with a wetzone ensures all night absorbency for heavy wetters too, making it simple to use without the need to stuff a pocket or snap on an additional booster.
The dry feel top layer ensures your baby's sleep is undisturbed, so its a win-win for baby and you!

No Wing Droop, No Leaks

Side snapping system ensures that the diaper doesn't slip out of place thanks to the infamous 'wing-droop' present in front snapping diapers. This ensures zero leaks with an active baby when the diaper is fitted properly.

Side snapping system also keep the front of the diaper neat without any confusing snaps.

Why Bumpadum?

Made by moms who care

Our products were tested on our own children before being sold, so you can be sure of baby's comfort.

Upto 75% cost savings

Spending money on disposable diapers is literally like throwing it into garbage. Choose Bumpadum diapers instead and save upto 75% of disposable diaper cost.

US CPSIA safety certified

Your baby's safety comes first.
No phthalates.
No lead.
No toxins.

GOTS certified organic cotton

We use only the best organic cotton to make our products, so you know it's good for both your baby and the earth.

Hygienic diapers

Bumpadum diapers are 100% hygienic to use. We hand-hold you to get the wash routine right, which is all that is required to maintain hygiene.

1st Made-in-India diaper

We pride ourselves on starting cloth diaper manufacturing in India when no else dared to do so.

Duet Pro Night Diaper

Blissful sleep for baby and you.


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We believe EVERY family can adopt cloth diapers, irrespective of budget, caregiver, location.
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