Bumpadum Happy Nappy - Unbleached (Size and Pack options available)
Bumpadum Happy Nappy - Unbleached (Size and Pack options available)
Bumpadum Happy Nappy - Unbleached (Size and Pack options available)
Bumpadum Happy Nappy - Unbleached (Size and Pack options available)

Bumpadum Happy Nappy - Unbleached (Size and Pack options available)

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Bumpadum Happy Nappy is the perfect cloth nappy/langot for your baby's tender skin. It is great for the multiple changes that are common with young babies. These are a fabulous addition to your baby's stash for diaper-free times.
* Unique Pocket opening at back to add additional absorbency
* PREMIUM microfleece stay dry inner layer to keep baby's bottom dry **NOT THICK POLAR FLEECE**
* Organic cotton outer layer and inner padding
* Gentle leg elastic to give a snug and easy fit
* Available in 3 sizes 
* Pack size of 2 and 4 available
* Unbleached organic cotton
Weight recommendations:
Size Small - Upto 5 kgs
Size Medium - 5 to 7 kgs
Size Large - 6 to 10 kgs
Each size of Happy Nappy is available in pack of 2 and pack of 4. Please select the relevant size and pack value to add product to cart. 

Customer Reviews

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Good nappies but wears out soon

These nappies hold one urine and needs to be changed immediately as there is wetness on the outside and also a bit on the inside. Easy to clean but takes time to dry. Two of the nappies I ordered had thread coming out in the first wash itself. Yet to receive resolution from the manufacturer. Only got couple of emails asking about the concern but no outcome.

Hi Sneha
Thanks for sharing your feedback. The thread is an extra one that can be cut and not a stitch that has come out from the nappy and the same was communicated with you. We have offered a discount code with you via email as we tried reaching you via call and sms but did not get a response. Kindly check your email and revert to us so we can assist you further.

Great product

In found the happy nappy is a great product especially for diaper free time when you want to pee to be contained. The fleece liner is very soft against the babies skin and doesn’t give any rash. The only improvement would be to have a slightly larger size. I bought the large size for my baby who is 5.5kg and it already feels like it just fits but he will grow out of it, so not sure how it’s supposed to fit till 10kg as stated. But otherwise a great product, I would definitely recommend for newborns!

Love the style but didn’t fit my baby

The style, fabric and overall quality is great. I bought the L size for my 9kg boy. It was too tight on him, I had to strap it really tight to keep it in place, no room to breathe. And forget adding a liner, because then there no chance of tying it also on my little one. I would suggest trying the next size for someone who’s shopping for smaller babies.

Best cloth Nappy

Its too soft n compatable for my baby and absorbvency also good when we use hemp booster inserts.My baby sleep for 3 hours due to booster inserts.Happy with the product n worth for money..


Superb soft al must buy..... its an osm quality comparing al other brands

Happy Nappy Unbleached (set of 4)

Super soft and I love the softness of the Nappy, great option for diaper free time, fits perfect and for my 2 month baby, it will hold one pee. Tried with extra insert in the given pocket, but being a front wetter the nappy got wet around tie area, so couldn't use for 2 to 3 pees as the tie tag was stitched on the Microfleece area, so not able to stuff till the front, I feel it will be better additional layer to the Microfleece and attach the tags only on the top layer will be good, so that the extra insert can be stuffed till the front and can wear the nappy for 2 to 3 pees, as it will be very useful for summer diaper free time.

Nice nappies for newborn

The nappies are of great use for newborns during diaper free night time. I change them every 3 hours but the nappies stayed dry on the inside. It's a bit chill on the outside after 3 hours. Only concern is the loop for tying is stitched with the back later and it is impossible to make the inserts till the end. It will be much better if I can insert neo purani prefolds too.

Thank you for the feedback. We are glad the nappies last 3 hours for your baby. The nappies are designed to be trim hence a small insert like a booster insert or hemp booster can easily fit into the pocket of the nappies. Adding neo putani prefolds in the nappy would make it bulky.