Neo Putani Newborn Diaper Value Pack of 3 (Choose Prints)

Neo Putani Newborn Diaper Value Pack of 3 (Choose Prints)

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Our Neo Putani diapers pack in superb absorbency and comfort for your little one's delicate skin in incredibly adorable newborn size.
• Newborn size diaper. Fits babies from 3 - 7 kgs approximately
• 4 side snap settings and 4 rise settings for the perfect fit to allow even the smallest of squishes to fit into it
• Trifold insert with total 10 layers of absorbency - 3 layers of organic cotton in 3 panels with an additional layer of hemp in the centre panel. One panel is topped with micro fleece to keep baby's bottom dry
• Buttery soft fabric on the inside keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable
• Tying loops in trifold makes it easy to be used for premie babies also
• Trimmer Shell with broader panel in front to minimize wing leak
• Trifold insert snaps on to the shell, keeps the absorbency in place,
• Faster drying time of trifold insert makes for no laundry headaches especially important in those first few months :)

Customer Reviews

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It's so nice cloth daipers so cute of my baby

Neo puatani All -in- one diaper

Outer cover is so tight, my baby weight is only 5kg... The outer cover is also getting chill..

Hi Sanofer. We are sorry to hear that you are facing fit issues. As per the discussion we had on call please send us the fit pics and make the change to your wash routine as suggested by us and let us know. We would be glad to help you get the most out of your bumpadum diaper.

Trim and nice

Love the neo putani for my baby .. have been using it from day 15 of baby . The diaper does not look as bulky as i thought it will be . The diaper lasts good 3-4 hours for the night for the new born . Love how cute it looks on my lil one :) Fleece liners make it easy to clean poop :) such a saviour for me :) Made me love cloth diapering considering how apprehensive i was . Tried different brands but i can say bumpadum is my fav:)

Great fit and absorbency

For my 3 month old, it works like magic. It works for almost 6 hours as promised. One normal wash and a hot water wash before using actually makes the inserts works better.

Helps my baby sleep

Helps my baby sleep well for a minimum of 2 hours in the morning.. The diaper last for about 4-5 hours during daytime.. other than getting a bit of elastic marks around thigh, completely happy with the product.. ♡♡♡

Comfortable one !

Neo putani diapers are perfect in fit and very comfortable. It lasts for 4 hours in the morning and baby sleeps peacefully. Thank you !

We are glad to know that your baby loves the Neo diapers and is comfortable in it. Thanks for the review


Good product