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  • Cloth Pad - Size Medium - Bumpadum Cloth Diaper
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Cloth Sanitary Pad - Size Medium (Daytime / Light flow)

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  • Wet-free comfort, super soft feel of cotton velour
  • Laminated fabric on the outside makes pad waterproof
  • Contoured shape for perfect fit
  • 5 layers of cotton offering excellent absorbency, good for daytime usage
  • Change every 5-6 hours during daytime to maintain good hygiene

Suggested Laundry Routine:
Rinse used pad in cold water repeatedly until water runs clear. Soak the used cloth pads with small amount of detergent for half an hour. Agitate well and sun dry the cloth pads. At the end of your cycle, toss in all the washed cloth pads that were used during the cycle with your regular laundry load for a thorough cleansing.

Dimensions: 25 cm * 17.5 cm

Image shows front & back side of the pad

Customer Reviews

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Rashmi YC
Best product

Im really happy after using cloth pads. I loved your pads coz it is really soft and loved the designs.I can see a difference after 1 use, its hygenic, rash free. Thank you so much . I have recommended my friends to use these pads as these are ecofriendly, hygenic amd chemical free.

Pooja Ranawat
Best comfortable product

I loved your product (pads) very comfortable hygiene free ...soft material...i liked the designs on the back side of it

Hridya P
Good product

It’s comfortable, have good absorption, pleasing design and is of premium quality ☺️

Good product

I am using bloomi cloth pads from past 1 year and it’s so comfortable that I am unable to use disposable pads 😊

Love the cloth pads

I bought a set of 3 cloth pads to test out if I'd be comfortable wearing them. I love them, they're definitely better than regular disposable pads. Usually after a while of wearing disposable pads, I'd get uncomfortable but with the cloth pads that wasn't the case!!

Shilpa karthikeyan
Bhoomi cloth pads

Nice idea. Skin friendly. Thank you bumpadam.

Versha Patel

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