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Cloth Sanitary Pads - Value Pack of XL, Large, Medium with Minibag

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  • Wet-free comfort, super soft feel of cotton velour
  • Laminated fabric on the outside makes pad waterproof
  • Contoured shape for perfect fit
  • 5 layers of organic cotton in XL, Large and Medium pads offering enough absorbency for overnight and daytime usage respectively
  • Change every 5-6 hours during daytime to maintain good hygiene

Suggested Laundry Routine:
Rinse used pad in cold water repeatedly until water runs clear. Soak the used cloth pads with small amount of detergent for half an hour. Agitate well and sun dry the cloth pads. At the end of your cycle, toss in all the washed cloth pads that were used during the cycle with your regular laundry load for a thorough cleansing.

This pack contains 1 Medium, 1 Large, 1 XL cloth pads and 1 waterproof Minibag.

Print selection of pads cannot be done, prints will be sent as per availability. Please refer to the image for the print of the minibag (Lumina) that you will be receiving in your order. It will not be possible to choose any other print for the minibag.


Medium: 25 cm * 17.5 cm

Large: 27.5 cm * 17.5 cm

XL: 30.5 cm * 18.5 cm

Minibag: 8.25 inches x 6.25 inches 

Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Finally, having worry free Period.

Have been using Bhumi sanitary pads for about an year and a half. This has clearly sorted my search for sustainable alternative to disposable. Have tried other brand cloth pads too, but was never as comfortable as this. My search has ended and now I've been gifting my cousins and friends this pack of 6 with clutch..

Alamelu M
Beautiful packing😍 products are same as shown in picture❤

It is a wonderful product.And I am really happy to have switched into cloth pads, thus reducing my plastic usage with sanitary pads.Washing them is a bit time consuming. But dont have words to describe the comfort and softness of the pads.They take a bit of time to dry out.Absolutely in love with it.

Abinaya madhavan
Best cloth pad

I have been using this cloth pad for many years and they are still good as new...I have medium cycle and this helps me a lot ...I don't get rashes at all after using this

Pramodini Gujjar
Really liked ur cloth pads

I found bumpadum blooming cloth pads on my search on moving towards sustainability and I must say I felt so happy after using theirc cloth pads. I am writing this review after using them for 2 cycles and I am happy with the comfort and absorbency. Also I was comfortable with the cleaning process. Thanks to the team for this awesome product 😊

Hiral Jadav
Best buy so far

I am totally satisfied with these Bhoomi cloth pads. I used the XL and L during my post-partum days and there were absolutely no leaks. Washing is extremely easy. I even purchased panty liners since I use them during my ovulation days as well. I totally recommend this product to anyone have skin rashes, like I did, due to the use of normal pads. They are so economical and practical. Thank you, Bumpadum :)

Cloth pads.. green for sure.

Good buy...

Cloth pads.. green for sure.

In my attempt to make periods environmental-friendly, have started with these cloth pads n finding it really useful...