Cloth Sanitary Pads - Value Pack of XL, Large, Medium with Minibag
Cloth Sanitary Pads - Value Pack of XL, Large, Medium with Minibag

Cloth Sanitary Pads - Value Pack of XL, Large, Medium with Minibag

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  • Wet-free comfort, super soft feel of cotton velour
  • Laminated fabric on the outside makes pad waterproof
  • Contoured shape for perfect fit
  • 5 layers of organic cotton in XL, Large and Medium pads offering enough absorbency for overnight and daytime usage respectively
  • Change every 5-6 hours during daytime to maintain good hygiene

Suggested Laundry Routine:
Rinse used pad in cold water repeatedly until water runs clear. Soak the used cloth pads with small amount of detergent for half an hour. Agitate well and sun dry the cloth pads. At the end of your cycle, toss in all the washed cloth pads that were used during the cycle with your regular laundry load for a thorough cleansing.

This pack contains 1 Medium, 1 Large, 1 XL cloth pads and 1 waterproof Minibag.

Print selection of pads cannot be done, prints will be sent as per availability. Please refer to the image for the print of the minibag (Lumina) that you will be receiving in your order. It will not be possible to choose any other print for the minibag.


Medium: 25 cm * 17.5 cm

Large: 27.5 cm * 17.5 cm

XL: 30.5 cm * 18.5 cm

Minibag: 8.25 inches x 6.25 inches 

Customer Reviews

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Richu Abraham
Beautiful, soft and comfortable

I got my first set of 3 XL Bhoomi pads from Amazon and fell in love with it after using it post partum. Now I got a bundle of 4 liners/backup for cups and 1 large pad along with two reversible clutches. Felt so satisfied and happy seeing all the vibrant prints!

Cloth Sanitary napkins

Extremely comfortable, soft feel and very environment friendly…wish I had known about these earlier.

Sameera S

Highly comfortable and recommended

Aparna R

This is also a good cloth pad but size is smaller than expected. Cannot be used for night time

Aparna R

Such a boon for those dull days. Absolutely no rashes and stay dry feel. No leakage and lasts for 6 hours. Easy to wash also, but takes time to dry.

Sajina Rajith

Had a good experience with bhoomi cloth pads during periods . Just I feel should have good enough stash .
Easy to maintain also

Sushma Suneesh
XL sanitary pad

I lyked very much.. Im in love with bumpadum products.....