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Eden Light Blankie

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Rs. 1,250.00
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Rs. 1,250.00

Perfect for cool monsoons and AC rooms, our light blankies have a top layer of fully breathable knitted polyester fabric backed with soft 100% organic cotton jersey. The combination of these fabrics keeps the body not too hot and not too cold, just perfect :)

Sized generously, light blankets are perfect for children upto 4-5 years of age, but can be used by older children (or adults ;)) as a wrap. Imagine sipping on a hot cup of coffee looking at the rains and wrapped in this soft, cushy blankie.. oh, heaven! 

Our light blankies are made to keep your little one cozy in moderate temperatures of 23-27C, prevalent in most Indian homes.

Approximate size: 45x 45 inches with an expected variation of plus or minus 1 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sajina Rajith

Just awesome .
Buttery soft n beautiful print .
My baby usually doesnot like to be covered but she likes to sleep with her starry blankie .
The size is also perfect ..I guess till 5 -6years it can be used.
Loved this product 😍

Excellent Quality

For the 2nd time, we are buying this product. Mainly because of the quality.

perfect blankie

Perfect blankie for kid for any weather. i didnt use anything else other than bumpadum blankie .


Beautiful print (I bought Austen). My kids never liked blankets. But they started using blankets after I bought this.

Poorani Bharath
Shiny disco blankie

The print being my most favourite and owning almost all products in the print, bought this blankie. This is my third light blankie and I absolutely love the quality of it. Like any other product, balnkies are also very promising in terms of quality, price and design. It's my kids most favourite peek a boo blankie too. 😀

Swathi Rao
Celestial light blankie

Bumpadum light blankie is ideal for Bangalore weather & also suits humid Mangalore weather . It's so compact & light weight. Doesn't require much space in diaper bag or wet bag. Sometimes I have used it as waterproof mat too ;)

Asha Puthran
Light Blankie

Just the right size that my kiddo can’t kick it off at night.
Love the print Adoreaghal.
Requesting more prints in warm blankie.
Waiting to get my hands on a warm blankie now for the monsoons.