Cover Diaper - Highlander
Cover Diaper - Highlander
Cover Diaper - Highlander
Cover Diaper - Highlander
Cover Diaper - Highlander
Cover Diaper - Highlander
Cover Diaper - Highlander

Cover Diaper - Highlander

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  • Cover diaper made of waterproof laminated fabric, fits from 5- 15 kg
  • Wipe the cover/Air-dry and reuse with a fresh set of inserts/prefold/flats. If there is poop the cover needs to be washed
  • Compatible with Prefolds, Duet standard two-part insert, Toddler insert, organic cotton insert, stay dry organic cotton insert, flats

For Cover Diaper with 4Night prefold option, pack contains Cover Diaper + One 4 Night prefold

  • 4Night prefold with 4 panels
  • 16 layers of organic cotton + 1 layer of hemp + 1 stay dry microfleece layer. Total 18 layers when padfolded
  • Snaps at the back to attach the prefold to the cover diaper/diaper shells
  • Wash once before use
  • This combination can be used for 3-4 hours in daytime and lasts overnight for 10-12 hours

For Cover Diaper with Insert option, pack contains Cover Diaper + One Stay Dry Organic Cotton Insert 

  • Long, foldable 100% unbleached organic cotton insert
  • 7 layers of organic cotton + 1 layer of stay dry microfleece. Total 16 layers when folded in half
  • Choose organic or stay-dry fabric to touch your baby's bottom
  • Snaps at the back to attach the insert to the cover diaper/diaper shells
  • Wash once before use
  • This combination can be used for 3 hours and lasts overnight for 8-9 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Awesome 👍

Earlier I struggled alot but after watching your videos for several times I am a pro now and also have noticed my baby is less cranky. All thanks to your customer support team. I have tried other cloth diapers also but my personal favourite is this brand. I don't know why I feel the design, fit and prints are so good and classy.

Excellent absorbancy

This is my second cover diaper from bumpadum. 4night prefold is excellent in its absorbancy after using this i totally stopped my pampers usage. 2cover diaper shell and 5 number f 4 night prefold pads are more than enough for regular usage. It also drys faster jus 6hrs under sun s enough for drying t. Thank u team bumpadum👍

Best cloth diapers in the market

It is worth investing in Bumpadum's cloth diapers. Cover diapers are economical as well as versatile and can be paired with any of the inserts. The elastics are gentle on baby's skin. Totally in love with these diapers.

Trim compact and easy to fit.

Happy with the diaper😊
It's trim and gives a good fit.

Beautiful print and trimmenst diaper

Torana is one of the most popular prints from bumpadum..lovely print also cover diaper is trimmest diapers also it take very less time to very good option for lean babies..

Best in market!

I had researched across several brands before purchasing this and read up quite a few reviews. And Bumpadum cover diapers are by far the most economical and hassle-free diapering solutions. Since they're reusable, they have eased my laundry load majorly. They are also very versatile and economical as they can be paired ever with home-made flats or prefolds. I'm definitely going to suggest these over other similar brands!

Cover diapers

Trim fit is the first best thing in Bumpadum cloth diapers as it doesn't look bulky. Reusing the shell in case of pee only is the major advantage. Loved the prints. Thank you!