Cover Diaper - Starry Night
Cover Diaper - Starry Night
Cover Diaper - Starry Night
Cover Diaper - Starry Night
Cover Diaper - Starry Night
Cover Diaper - Starry Night
Cover Diaper - Starry Night

Cover Diaper - Starry Night

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Free-size waterproof reusable diaper 

Customisable absorbency Daytime soaker lasts 3-4 hours during the day 

Size adjustable from 5-15 kgs using 4 length settings and 5 waist settings

Reuse after air-drying with fresh insert in case of only pee

Fold as per choice to have dry feel layer or natural fabric layer against baby’s skin

Dry feel flaps at top and bottom inner side of shell to prevent laminated layer from touching baby's skin

Side snaps help:

  • Prevent diaper from slipping down
  • Keep front free of confusing snaps
  • Give a neat look
  • Give a trim fit

How to use:

  • Adjust diaper length to appropriate size for the baby. Look at flyer for more info
  • Fold and snap Daytime soaker to the shell 
  • Fit diaper on to baby
  • Wipe and reuse with fresh soaker

What makes the diaper truly one-size: 

Rise setting snaps help in adjusting the diaper length as per baby’s body structure which changes with growth. Body structure of a younger infant is very different from that of a toddler. 

What you get:

  • When you select with Daytime soaker option, you get 1 waterproof cover diaper shell and 1 foldable Daytime soaker. 
  • When you select only Cover Diaper option, you get 1 waterproof cover diaper shell

Wash routine:

Please refer to detailed wash routine in the below tab

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Arya D
Good buy..

IDries fast and can be used with multiple inserts.

Aparna R

These are very good for daytime, especially for palytime. It is very very trim and has fleece lining so no pul touches baby's skin. We can use it with inserts or flats and clean it easily and use it again. So it's an economical option.

dhwani Sinha
Amazing with rash free days

It worked for me during travels and daytime

Maryam jamal
Ultra trim and soft

Love the snug fit and how comfortable these make my baby feel. Truly a savior after numerous trial and errors with other brands.

Good day time diapering solution

I had issue with duration of Cover diaper.It was lasting me for 1.5 hrs only.The support team pitched and helped with a video call and resolved the issue.Kudos to customer support team.You guys are really patient and wonderful

Sowmya NM
Best covers

Even for a low weight baby it fits good without making the baby uncomfortable. Works throughout the night with a 4night prefold.

Indhumathi Karthikeyan
Somewhat ok

Hi cover diaper using daytime but leakage problem material so soft very lightweight

We are sorry to hear that you are facing leaks. We request you to message us with fit pics and your baby's age and weight on whatsapp so that we can assist you in getting the most out of your bumpadum diaper.