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Duet-Cover One-Size Starter Pack (7 items)

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**Please leave a note during checkout or PM us immediately on our FB page with the prints you would like for the starter pack from our available stock. We will try to honour your request, but there are chances that you could get a different print if we run out of what you've chosen before we process your order or if you message us after we have shipped out your order. Please note that direct orders for the print will get higher precedence over starter pack orders. So if you are particular about a print that is low in stock please order the print directly**

The Duet-Cover-One Size starter pack comes with

  • One Duet Stay-Dry Shell
  • One Cover Diaper
  • One Duet insert, that can be used with either shell
  • One stay dry organic cotton prefold, that can be used with either shell
  • One stay dry organic cotton insert, that can be used with either shell
  • One hemp booster insert, to add additional absorbency and
  • One set of 4 double-layered cotton velour cloth wipes.

You save Rs. 310 inclusive of taxes when you order this starter pack instead of the individual items!

The prints shown in the picture are for representation only, and may not be the print received by you.

Customer Reviews

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After reading the reviews in CDI group on Facebook, ordered the starter pack from bumpadum as I wanted to try both Aviva and Duet. Got it delivered soon and even the packing was lovely. I had used other brands CDs and found the PUL outer to be softer to touch. The insert and the inside of the cover were so soft that I wanted to try them instantly. But restrained myself and put them for prepping. After 3 washes, used Duet first for the day. It leaked on the sides. The fit wasn't right. Mine is a wriggly baby and I had put it on when he was in a 'I want to turn over and back again and again now' mood. So I had snapped the buttons at wherever I could which resulted in the leak. Next I put the Aviva on him and it stayed for a good three hours, but still the insert wasn't wet even half its capacity.

Next used aviva with hemp booster and fleece liner for the night. The insert had undergone 4 washes and booster only 3 washes. Whenever the LO woke up for feed, I was checking his bum side fabric to see whether it's time to change. It was super dry all the time. After 7 hours since Aviva was put on him, I panicked and removed the CD. By this time I'd have changed two disposables on him. But lo and behold; the fleece liner was fully dry. The insert below was really heavy from all that pee; but the hemp booster not so much. I guess it would have easily lasted for a couple more hours on my super heavy wetter baby. Mind you, I haven't even prepped it fully for night time use; not even half way there. And Bumpadum got themselves another fan girl.

Ordered one more duet and Aviva. Now we use those whenever we go on outings as well. The trim fit and the prints on these diapers have made me an addict and the credit of transitioning us into exclusive CDing goes to Bumpadum.


Excellent product. Easy to wash and maintain. Highly durable and comfortable for the infant.


Every time I purchase I have got the best experience, as they take care of their customers, and till now I have not faced any problem with the products. Bumpadum has made my mother hood more easier.


Hey team Bumpadum, I really appreciate the concept of cloth diapers as they are very eco friendly. I have been using Bumpadum CDs for my 1yr 8 Mo child, since he was 1 yr old. I really like these diapers and they seldom leak when used in right way. Great effort and keep up the good work


Diapers are Soft,rashfree,and weightless n easy to wash.

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