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Duet Pro Night Diaper - Cool Cat

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Rs. 870.00
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Rs. 1,150.00
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Rs. 870.00
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 Free-size waterproof reusable diaper

High absorbency soaker lasts 12 hours at night WITHOUT BOOSTER

Size adjustable from 5-17 kgs using 4 length settings and 5 waist settings

Contrast colour wings

Side snaps help:

  • Prevent diaper from slipping down
  • Keep front free of confusing snaps
  • Give a neat look
  • Give a trim fit

No stuffing needed:

  • 4Night prefold is super absorbent and does not need extra booster
  • Easier cleaning even in case of poop

How to use:

  • Adjust diaper length to appropriate size for the baby. Look at flyer for more info
  • Fold and snap 4Night prefold to the shell
  • Fit diaper on to baby

What makes the diaper truly one-size:

Rise setting snaps help in adjusting the diaper length as per baby’s body structure which changes with growth. Body structure of a younger infant is very different from that of a toddler.

What you get:

  • When you select with 4Night prefold option, you get 1 waterproof outer shell and 1 4Night prefold.
  • When you select No insert option, you get 1 waterproof outer shell

Wash routine:

Please refer to detailed wash routine in the below tab

Customer Reviews

Based on 292 reviews
Palak Padhy
Very happy with this product.

We started using this when my baby turned 5 kgs. It fits her well and lasts all night. Sometimes need to change it once during mid night but mostly it lasts all night. Thanks!

Deepa Partha

Good absorbancy ..but lil bulky for my 5 kg baby.Also takes time to dry as v hav monsoons out in kerala.No leaks

Hi Deepa, we are sorry to hear that you find it bulky. Please share fit picture as mentioned via email and WhatsApp message so that we can help you better with the fit

Hard water washing

This is not very suitable for hard water washing

HI Aishwarya, using a water softener along with the detergent powder will ensure a good performance of the diaper when you have hard water. We have sent an email to you as well with details. Please check and let us know if you need any clarification further

Ramya Victor
Good daiper

Got this as a gift for my baby... Really amazed by the dryness it provides when used rightfully

Ramya Victor
Good daiper

Got this as a gift and really liked it alot for my baby

Ramya Victor
Good daiper

Got this as gift and really liked it alot

Akshatha Addoni
I loved it

I was looking for a sustainable eco-friendly diaper. This product is too good. Thank you, team Bumpadum.