Flash Stay-Dry Fitted Diaper

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Bumpadum Fitted diaper is a fitted diaper with the shell and insert detached from each other.

The shell has no waterproof layer, although it is water resistant. To get complete waterproofing, use a diaper cover on top of the fitted. The shell has four rise settings and will fit babies from 3 months - 3 years. It has a side snapping system to ensure snug fit and is easy to use. It is lined with stay dry micro fleece keeping the baby's skin free from wetness.

The insert can be snapped on to the back of the shell. We offer two different types of inserts to choose from:
1) Daytime/Infant insert - A two part insert, with the ability to snap the two together. You can use it with just one insert if your baby is young or if you want to use this during day time. Want a little more absorption, use both inserts.
2) Nighttime/Toddler insert - Our renowned snake like insert that's a part of our 2.0 AIOs. Use this for night time or for older toddlers who pee a lot.

Both the daytime and nighttime inserts are made with two layers of hemp fleece and two layers of cotton terry, topped with our high quality stay dry micro fleece.

You can buy the shell only without insert too.

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