Happy Earth Mezzo Pack - Full Cycle Cloth Sanitary Pads (Two Variants Available)
Happy Earth Mezzo Pack - Full Cycle Cloth Sanitary Pads (Two Variants Available)
Happy Earth Mezzo Pack - Full Cycle Cloth Sanitary Pads (Two Variants Available)

Happy Earth Mezzo Pack - Full Cycle Cloth Sanitary Pads (Two Variants Available)

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  • Wet-free comfort, super soft feel of cotton velour
  • Laminated fabric on the outside makes pad waterproof
  • Contoured shape for perfect fit
  • 5 layers of organic cotton in all pads offering enough absorbency for overnight and daytime usage respectively
  • Change every 5-6 hours during daytime to maintain good hygiene
  • Can be left all night for convenience

Suggested Laundry Routine:
Rinse used pad in cold water repeatedly until water runs clear. Soak the used cloth pads with small amount of detergent for half an hour. Agitate well and sun dry the cloth pads. At the end of your cycle, toss in all the washed cloth pads that were used during the cycle with your regular laundry load for a thorough cleansing.

There are two variants of this pack

With Clutch pack contains 2 Medium, 5 Large,  3 XL cloth pads and 1 reversible double layered clutch.

With Minibag pack contains 2 Medium, 5 Large,  3 XL cloth pads and 2 Minibags.

Print selection of pads cannot be done, prints will be sent as per availability. 

**Please leave a note during checkout or PM us immediately on our FB page with the print you would like for the clutch/minibags from our available stock. We will try to honour your request, but there are chances that you could get a different print if we run out of what you've chosen before we process your order or if you message us after we have shipped out your order**


Medium: 25 cm * 17.5 cm

Large: 27.5 cm * 17.5 cm

XL: 30.5 cm * 18.5 cm

Minibag: 8.25 inches x 6.25 inches 

Clutch: 10.5 inch x 8 inch

Customer Reviews

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Thank you

I really love the pads ...especially the prints make me feel peaceful


Worked very well. The XL size can handle even a heavy flow, and I don't need to worry about stains on my pants at all!

Best stArter pack

This is the best starter pack for new once’s to get understand there size

I had best experience, zero disposable,
#savemotherearth #recycle

Colourful periods

It was a peaceful and colourful periods with Bumpadum cloth pads .Thank you 😊


Soft and comfortable, Iam totally satisfied.
Thank you bumpadum, I really loved it.


These pads are good, absorbent and comfortable. My request is to find an alternative to the kind of stitching at the edges. I would prefer a much sturdier finishing. I feel like it will come apart at any moment. O have similar pads from a different company and I prefer something that is stitched together we'll.

Hi Dhivya, we assure that the stitch is sturdy enough and won't tear apart soon. Please make sure to follow the wash routine as recommended and be gentle while rinsing the pads so that you can use it for for longer period.


Comfortable pads with good absorption. Totally satisfied.