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Duet Pro Night Diaper - Paris

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 Free-size waterproof reusable diaper

High absorbency soaker lasts 12 hours at night WITHOUT BOOSTER

Size adjustable from 5-17 kgs using 4 length settings and 5 waist settings

Side snaps help:

  • Prevent diaper from slipping down
  • Keep front free of confusing snaps
  • Give a neat look
  • Give a trim fit

No stuffing needed:

  • 4Night prefold is super absorbent and does not need extra booster
  • Easier cleaning even in case of poop

How to use:

  • Adjust diaper length to appropriate size for the baby. Look at flyer for more info
  • Fold and snap 4Night prefold to the shell
  • Fit diaper on to baby

What makes the diaper truly one-size:

Rise setting snaps help in adjusting the diaper length as per baby’s body structure which changes with growth. Body structure of a younger infant is very different from that of a toddler.

What you get:

  • When you select with 4Night prefold option, you get 1 waterproof outer shell and 1 4Night prefold.
  • When you select No insert option, you get 1 waterproof outer shell

Wash routine:

Please refer to detailed wash routine in the below tab

Customer Reviews

Based on 319 reviews
Keerti Shenoy

5 Stars - Very Good

Jyotshna Sanger

5 Stars - Very Good

Krity Neupane (via WhatsApp - verified by
5 Stars - Very Good

It was great experience purchasing the product... Will be purchasing in future

Deepthi Dcunha (via WhatsApp - verified by
5 Stars - Very Good

Tried it on my little one , found it much easier to snap unlike other brands which is the opposite way.. My baby seemed really comfortable. Loved it.. happy mummy and baby 😊

Absorption is decent but it starts smelling after a few hours in the night

After a few pees it starts smelling so I can’t keep it on for 10-12 hrs

Thanks for sharing your feedback Aishwarya. We are sorry to hear that you are facing issues using the diaper. This looks like a build up issue. We have shared an email to understand the issue better. Please reply so that we can help you better

Nice one.

Product is very good. Absorbency is better than other cloth diapers I have tried. But For my 3.5 months old baby boy, it lasts only upto 8 hrs Max. He is a heavy wetter. Any suggestions?

Hi Adhilakshmi, thanks for sharing your feedback. We have emailed you for details so that we can help you better with this. Hoping to hear back from you

Kadeeja Shirin
Nice night diaper

The diaper is ok , it's print and design is cute , absorbency is the best ,not wet untill the whole night used my 2 month baby , it's feel dry at the morning also , because of its absorbency . But it's look bulky in my sweetie ,l feel almost all the night diapers are bulky because of the multiple inserts .insert is thin ,however folding into 4 then put into the diaper it's seen as bulky , it's a night diaper ,our babies are not active l think it's ok .it's hard to dry in rainy seasons , buts in summer ,just easy to dry .

Thanks for sharing your feedback Khadeeja. We are sorry to hear that the diaper looks bulky on the baby. For babies who are in the initial weight range of the diaper, it may look slightly bulky. Please share fit pictures as mentioned in the email sent so that we can check the fit and update you