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Eco Pack Cutlery/Accessories Organizer

Eco Pack Cutlery/Accessories Organizer

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Organize your cutlery/pens/paintbrushes/charging cables/earphones when outside home using the Bhoomi Eco Pack. Made with waterproof outer fabric and cotton inner fabric, you can be sure of protecting the contents from dust in the depths of your bag, as well as prevent any liquids from used cutlery from spoiling your bag.

With this case you can carry:
  • Reusable cutlery -  reduce use of single use cutlery by carrying your own.
  • Pens - avoid losing it in the depths and crevices of your bag which already holds a zillion things! Bonus: Your kids can use this as a stationery case too!
  • Earphones and phone charger - Show some love to your essential accessories by storing them in a safe place of their own
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Good for carrying cutlery... Used cutlery can also be kept in.... Instead of rope for tying a snap can be used for closure....

Priya Karnan

5 Stars - Very Good

Vinothini Loganathan
5 Stars - Very Good

Your products are really good and easy to use also..I personally prefer bumpadum over other’s also duet diapers are my fav.

Aparajita Sabesan

4 Stars - Good

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Hygienic and organized carry

Love the eco friendly multi use organizer.i use it to keep fork,spoons,and covered knifes as well during travel.very useful for cutting fruits for kids during travel when a small knife is carried in a secured way like this.

I have 3 such organizers...
Use another for carrying pen,pencil,eraser and a small scale for college work.

Multiuse pouch

The best way to carry spoons, forks and straws for our little ones in road trips and long travels. The pouch keeps cutlery away from dust. Thanks bumpadum for this product.

Breathable and handy

Love the fact that this fabric is breathable and has enough gaps for ventilation. Only setback is that there could be a loop to keep the thread intact. As it's not kids friendly.