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Duet Night Diaper for Very Heavy Wetters - Samudraa

Duet Night Diaper for Very Heavy Wetters - Samudraa

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 Free-size waterproof reusable diaper

High absorbency soaker lasts 12 hours at night WITHOUT BOOSTER

Size adjustable from 5-17 kgs using 4 length settings and 5 waist settings

Side snaps help:

  • Prevent diaper from slipping down
  • Keep front free of confusing snaps
  • Give a neat look
  • Give a trim fit

No stuffing needed:

  • 4Night prefold is super absorbent and does not need extra booster
  • Easier cleaning even in case of poop

How to use:

  • Adjust diaper length to appropriate size for the baby. Look at flyer for more info
  • Fold and snap 4Night prefold to the shell
  • Fit diaper on to baby

What makes the diaper truly one-size:

Rise setting snaps help in adjusting the diaper length as per baby’s body structure which changes with growth. Body structure of a younger infant is very different from that of a toddler.

What you get:

  • When you select with 4Night prefold option, you get 1 waterproof outer shell and 1 4Night prefold.
  • When you select No insert option, you get 1 waterproof outer shell

Wash routine:

Please refer to detailed wash routine in the below tab

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Customer Reviews

Based on 367 reviews
Soundariya krishnan

4 Stars - Good

Soundariya krishnan

4 Stars - Good

Saranya Murali
4 Stars - Good

Dry throughout night like disposable diaper

Saranya Gowthaman
5 Stars - Very Good

This product is good for baby skin because some pampers will make the baby skin damage.but your product is helpfull for baby....❤️❤️❤️✨

Rahul Das

4 Stars - Good

Nisana Sabiq

5 Stars - Very Good

About duet night heavy wetter

This is the third time I m purchasing from them the cloth is so comfy and I am very much satisfied with the product