Stay Dry Organic Cotton Prefold (Two Options Available)
Stay Dry Organic Cotton Prefold (Two Options Available)
Stay Dry Organic Cotton Prefold (Two Options Available)
Stay Dry Organic Cotton Prefold (Two Options Available)
Stay Dry Organic Cotton Prefold (Two Options Available)
Stay Dry Organic Cotton Prefold (Two Options Available)

Stay Dry Organic Cotton Prefold (Two Options Available)

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Our soft organic cotton prefolds are a breathable and super absorbent option for day/night-time diapering.  This pack contains 3 stay dry prefolds.

  • 100% unbleached organic cotton prefolds with 3 panels
  • 4x4x4 layers in the side x centre x side panels. Total 12 layers of absorbency when padfolded
  • HIGH ABSORBENCY: 3-4 hours of absorbency during day time and lasts for 8-9 hours overnight when used with a waterproof outer layer
  • SUPER TRIM: Does not have any bulk when used padfolded.
  • Stay-dry microfleece lining on one side panel, allowing you to choose an organic or stay-dry fabric to touch your baby's bottom
  • Snaps at the back to attach the prefold to our diaper shells
  • These prefolds DO NOT come with a tie.
  • Wash once before daytime use, 3 times before overnight usage
  • Can be used padfolded for babies upto 15 kgs.
  • Size: 12 inch x 15 inch. Expect some shrinkage after washing

Customer Reviews

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Stay dry organic cotton prefold

Worth the money for absorbancy and quality of the material. Easy to wash and dry. Stays for 6-7 hours at night for my baby.

Alternative option always helps

I ordered neo putani diaper for my baby before this order and a cotton prefold. My baby is on formula feed so he is a heavy wetter. He hardly keeps the diaper for an hour. He is now completed 3 months. Please suggest suitable inserts. Although the prefold that i ordered is a life saviour for my dad. He had been treated for prostate cancer and now has urine leakage problem. He is not comfortable using diapers so i thought of trying the duet prefold. He is so comfortable happy and most importantly confident of being in public. This may be a different review of a senior citizen using a baby diaper but i want to thank u with all my hearts for introducing this product. All the best for your team and may you achieve great heights.


very absorbent and soft. stay dry layer works well and keeps baby comfortable. only hitch is that the prefolds are very slightly heavier than the stitched inserts, but prefolds seem to dry faster. Easily lasts for 4-5 hours.

Stay dry prefolds

-Loves the buttery soft stay dry fabric
-Stays for good 5-6 hours with cover diaper

Stay dry organic cotton prefold

Itz really worth the penny I spend on this prefold 🙂
1st thing I like most itz easy way of handling and wash, easy dry.
2nd stay dry option doest not leave poop stain to next layer.
3rd can be used on any covers or shells👍
4th my boy is going to b 6 months 7kg been using for more than a two months..
Omg stays solid 10hrs (night time) for my baby heavy wetter🙏

Stay dry prefolds

Stay dry prefolds!! 7/11/2019
Recently purchased combo pack of 3 prefolds... Pros: Organic cotton Stay dry layer makes it easy to wash. Dries easily even in monsoon/winter Gives a trim look with duet shell. Can be snaps onto the shell for perfect fit! Lasts 4 hrs during day nap and 7 hrs during night. Very happy with performance of these.

Baby is 7mo.
Weighs 7.5 kgs
Heavy wetter boy.

Stay dry prefolds: my go-to option for the upcoming winters!

Winter is coming and as a new mom I am going stir crazy for my little one! My winter shopping is all done & as I am all set to layer and stuff little Kevin with every possible winter wear I own, I would like to talk about my favourite diapering combination for the upcoming winters.

My go-to option for Kevin this past month has been @bumpadum aviva shell with a @bumpadum padfolded prefold.

Aviva is definitely the trimmest diaper I've used in the last 6 months. The trimness and low bulk makes Aviva an excellent option to be worn under pants/thermals/onesies by the little ones. The Aviva shell is lined with organic cotton! This is a breath of fresh air in a market crowded with microfleece. And this fact also makes it one of my top 3 favourites.

I cannot even begin to describe the premium quality of @bumpadum prefolds. I have used the string ones for Kevin until he outgrew them. Currently, I am using the Stay dry prefold which comes with a snap closure at the back. The design accounts for the very short drying time even in high humidity, cool weather months.

In combination, the Diaper looks exquisite on the bum.

Age of baby: 6.5 mon
Build: Average/Medium wetter/6.5kgs
Usage: Day & Night
Aviva lasts 4 hours during the day and upto 8 hours during night time.

A short list of why Aviva & Stay Dry Prefolds Combination is my favourite for the Winters:
✅ Very short drying time.
✅ The trim and snug diaper can be easily worn under pajamis/pants/thermal wear/onesies. There is no need to spend extra bucks on special diaper leggings or leg warmers to accommodate the bulkier diaper options.
✅ During night time, I use the hemp booster along with Aviva, and it lasts upto 9 hours!
✅ Bumpadum has very exclusive and meaningful prints which makes them all the more impressive!
✅ Bumpadum shells can be bought alone without the soakers. +1 for all the print crazy mums our there.
✅ Customer support is outstanding.

In the end, this winter let thou love be bulkier than the babe's diaper!
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