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Trainer - Shifu

Rs. 400.00

Product Details

Ease the toilet training process for your toddlers with Bumpadum trainers.

These training pants are perfect for catching the little accidents that are expected during the toilet training process. 

  • Fits children in the weight range of 8-17 kgs/1 year to 3.5 years depending on the child's build.
  • Side snapping system with 4 size settings 
  • Cotton terry inner lining backed with organic cotton
  • Easy to quickly remove the trainer in case of poop accidents without causing any mess.
  • Trim as regular undies without any rise settings to deal with

These are not recommended for usage during nap times or as a replacement to diapers.

Customer Reviews

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Love the trainer pants! Whimsea and flutter are too cute for words. Love the performance , I use it for diaper free time .

Excellent products

I am using bumpadum trainers and cloth pads (liners).. They work very well... The trainers are mess free... Easy to remove in case of poop, coz of the side snaps... Cute classy prints... Cloth pad liners are really really good... Using as back up for cup... Good absorbing capacity... Never had to use a pad even on heavy flow days... In love with the clutches... Using them instead of diaper bag for short outings... Extremely happy with the products..

Amsterdam Trainer

Hi got the newer version trainer and its so comfortable for baby and also absorbs pee well! More than diaper free time i used it during sleep time also and it can very well hold 2 pee count n its so soft n easy to wear for baby! Very satisfied with this product

Bestest trainers

I m using Bumpadum since baby was 2 months old. .now my baby is 15months old and weighs I m using trainers more for potty training...dese are very good for absorbs two pees for us...n it's good for diaper free time....even we used for pools time....along with Aviva n duet trainers are best ....

Training pants are superb

My baby is having a weird habit of pooping in diaper free time and everytime i have to deal with the mess in flats and bloomers. But after started using potty training pants it became a life saviour to me. Not even a single drop of pee or poop come out from training pants. Thankyou bumpadum for your awesome product and the super cute prints adding the extra super cute look to my baby. 😀😀😀

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