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Trainer - Monstercon

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Rs. 430.00

Ease the toilet training process for your toddlers with Bumpadum trainers.

These training pants are perfect for catching the little accidents that are expected during the toilet training process. 

  • Fits children in the weight range of 8-17 kgs/1 year to 3.5 years depending on the child's build.
  • Side snapping system with 4 size settings 
  • Organic cotton inner lining and padding
  • Easy to quickly remove the trainer in case of poop accidents without causing any mess.
  • Trim as regular undies without any rise settings to deal with

These are not recommended for usage during nap times or as a replacement to diapers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Shahana TP

Very helpful. The trainers are very attractive. It simply holds one pee and potty training made easy. I am waiting for new prints in trainers.

Anusha Rodriguez
Trainers are simply the best

This lovely print adds yet another sparkle to my collection of trainers from Bumpadum. Beautifully designed, smooth as silk and extremely competent. Thank you team. Loved the Dinos😊

Anusha Rodriguez
Trainers Rock

Love the print, the feel and the use! I just keep coming back for more. Thank you team Bumpadum.

Sreekutty B

Trainer - Lapland

Good one

The trimmest training pants. The outer PUL helps to prevent leaks much better than full cotton and hidden PUL trainers. The side snaps helps easy wearing and removal. Glad that it is available in bigger size now and fits my baby who is 15kg. Doesn't look like it will fit till 17kg though.

Best Mess Free Trainer-Lumina

This was my very first order. I made the best decision by ordering Bumpadum Trainer for my little one. It can hold upto 2 pee and the inside layer is so soft on bum!!!
Thank you Bumpadum for this amazing product with cute prints

Anusha Rodriguez
Best trainer ever!

This was the first order of the new reformed trainer pants and I was so happy with the change - softer and smoother on the inside and gorgeous as ever on the outside! On my way to order few more🙂. Thank you team bumpadum. You always fail to disappoint😄