Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Diaper - Value Pack of 10 (Choose Prints)
Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Diaper - Value Pack of 10 (Choose Prints)

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Diaper - Value Pack of 10 (Choose Prints)

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**Prints shown in picture are for representation purpose only. Please leave a note during checkout or PM us immediately on our FB page with preferred prints you would like for the  diapers from our available stock. We will try to honour your request, but there are chances that you could get a different print if we run out of what you've chosen before we process your order or if you message us after we have shipped out your order**

Bumpadum Duet diaper is an All-in-one diaper, with the shell and insert detached from each other.

The shell has four rise settings and will fit babies from 3 months - 3 years. It has a side snapping system to ensure snug fit and is easy to use. It is lined with stay dry micro fleece keeping the baby's skin free from wetness.

Our two-part insert can be snapped on to the back of the shell. You can use it with just one part if your baby is young or if you want to use this during day time. Use both parts for older infants and for nap/overnight usage. 

Each part of the insert is made of two layers of hemp fleece and two layers of cotton terry, with the top part also topped with our high quality stay dry micro fleece. So in total there are 8 layers of absorbency in the inserts.

This shell is also compatible with our Duet Toddler insert which can be used for heavy wetting toddlers above 2 years age.

You can buy the shell only without insert too.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful print and buttery soft diaper

Highlander is lovely print also diaper is buttery soft from.inside as well as outside..it works very well with 4 night prefold and other inserts too..loved the softness of diaper.duet is best option for night diapering.

Okay kinda product

This product is ok in respect of environment sustainability and skin friendliness...but didn't worked too well for my baby who is a heavy wetter...it works well till 2-3 hrs...but then leakage starts...may work from smone else..


Please do not buy this product, waste of money. The diaper leaks through the outer cover and makes baby feel wet. Worst product

We are sorry to hear that you are still facing issues. We're you able to make the recommended changes in the wash routine and fit as suggested by us? Kindly share a suitable time for us to contact you so we can assist you further. Please message us on https://wa.me/12563672867 with a suitable time for us to contact you.

Stay dry duet diaper

Happy with the product.

Not satisfied with the insert

I was asked to comment for toddler insert which was not clear . It takes at least 3 days to dry . I ordered for 4 night prefold. But I received toddler insert.

Hi Shamini, We contacted you previously with respect to the insert but did not hear back from you. Please spin dry the insert after washing and then sundry so that it takes shorter time to get dried. We tried to contact you from +917406610051 to clarify on this. Please feel free to contact us on our official WhatsApp number https://wa.me/12563672867 so that we can help you get the best use of the inserts.

Very much satisfied

Have been using another brand of cloth diaper which looked bulky on my baby but Bumpadum diapers are trim fit and they doesn't look bulky. Elastics are gentle on skin. Satisfied with the product. Thank you !

Soft and trim diaper

Initially had some leakage issue and contacted customer support. Got quick response and good guidance. Now using it more than a month, very satisfied with the performance. It lasts whole night for my baby. Also could see my lil angel sleeps comfortable with it☺️