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Duet Night Diaper for Very Heavy Wetters - Value Pack of 6 (Choose Prints)

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**Prints shown in picture are for representation purpose only. Please leave a note during checkout or PM us immediately on our FB page with preferred prints you would like for the  diapers from our available stock. We will try to honour your request, but there are chances that you could get a different print if we run out of what you've chosen before we process your order or if you message us after we have shipped out your order**

Bumpadum Duet diaper is a free-size All-in-one diaper, with the shell and insert detached from each other.

The shell has four rise settings and will fit babies from 3 months - 3 years. It has a side snapping system to ensure snug fit and is easy to use. It is lined with stay dry micro fleece keeping the baby's skin free from wetness.

If you select "With 4Night prefold option", pack contains Duet Shell +  4 Night prefold

The prefold has 4 panels with each panel having 4 layers of cotton in each panel. One panel has an additional high absorbency wetzone. One side panel has an extra dry-feel layer to keep baby dry all night. Needs no boosting to last 10-12 hours overnight even for heavy wetters. 

Duet shell is also compatible with our Duet Toddler insert which can be used for heavy wetting toddlers above 2 years age.

You can buy the shell only without insert too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 348 reviews
Priya Karnan

4 Stars - Good

Irfana Mansoor
4 Stars - Good

The best cloth diaper night timeusefull

Sucheta koppikar
5 Stars - Very Good

The materials used are extremely baby friendly. Not once has my baby had a rash. The colours and patterns are also cute and unique.

Gayathri m
Nice product with buttery soft fleece cover and great prints

The duet pro works quite well as the prefold is highly absorbent and stats overnight mostly..however on some days the shell becomes wet within few hours as it is not very thick/absorbent..the shell dries fast due to this..will try with hemp booster as mine is a heavy wetter.

Hi Gayathri,

Thanks for sharing your review, we are so glad to know that you like the performance of 4Night prefold :) As you have rightly mentioned, the Duet shell does not have absorbency of its own and its a waterproof shell. We will be happy to do a fit check for you to rule out any fit issues before you decide to use hemp booster additionally. Kindly DM us fit pictures showing entire lower half of baby's body from navel level to feet and your baby's age and weight so that we can help you better :)

Softest diaper. Perfect for night diapering

The duet diapers have very soft elastic, which is an absolute must for night time diapering. Just add a hemp booster, and it will easily last 10-11 hrs for a medium to heavy wetter.

Shamsad Hameed
5 Stars - Very Good

Good quality

Good but not great

It is very absorbent but no matter how much we tried (followed everything mentioned in the video), if my daughter peed when she was on her side/stomach it would leak out. She weighs 8kgs. It also looks and felt a little bulky on her. Don't know/think it caused her any discomfort though. But, it is very easy to clean and use and a good alternative to disposable diapers when you are stepping out for a short while.

Hi Mridula, thank you for sharing your feedback.
Kindly help us with the below details so that we can help you prevent leaks whether the baby is on her side or back.
1. Fit pictures of when the diaper is on your baby. Ensure that the crotch and thigh areas are clearly visible. There should be at least one pic from above showing the lower half of the baby clearly from navel till feet
2. Your baby's weight and age
3. How long the diaper is lasting before leaking
4. Which detergent is being used to wash the diaper
We will be able to help you better after you share this information.

Team Bumpadum