bumpadum organic cotton happy nappy

Bumpadum Happy Nappy - Modern twist to a traditional staple of baby care

Indians have used cloth nappies or langots since time immemorial for their little ones. While there are obvious advantages to using this simple diapering option, such as having soft breathable fabric next to baby's skin, it does leave a lot to be desired in terms of the amount of absorbency it provides and in keeping the baby's skin dry.

So, we at Bumpadum decided to take up the mantle of improving upon this traditional "diaper" to make it a little more suitable for modern lifestyles.


Bumpadum Happy Nappy organic cotton langot
Introducing the Bumpadum Happy Nappy, full of organic cotton goodness to keep your baby's tender skin soft and gentle, at the same time keeping the baby's skin dry and giving you the option to make the nappy last longer than one pee.
The Happy Nappy comes with a tie on either side that you can pull up and tie in the front. It has a central wet zone made of additional layers of organic cotton to help absorb all the pee.



Bumpadum Happy Nappy is a modern take on the age-old traditional nappy used by many many generations of mothers in India. Happy Nappy comes with the unique feature of a pocket in a nappy. You can add a trim absorbency of your choice such as a hemp booster to it to make the nappy last longer.
So now you don't need to change the nappy after every pee, you can add absorbency to help it last for 2-3 pees for younger babies.



Bumpadum Happy Nappy is better than regular nappies also because of the soft premium microfleece stay dry layer which keeps the baby's bottom dry and comfortable. Unlike traditional nappies, the baby will not feel wet after peeing, since the premium microfleece absorbs all the wetness and continues to stay dry to touch.
Do not mistake our premium microfleece for the regular thick polar fleece available in the market for warm clothing. Our microfleece is made specially to wick away moisture and keep the baby's skin cool and dry.



Bumpadum Happy Nappy also comes with super gentle elastic to give a great fit on the baby and hold in any poop mess. It leaves absolutely no marks on the baby's skin, that's how gentle it is. Win win, isn't it?


So if you are looking for a natural option to keep your baby dry during diaper free times, look no further than the Bumpadum Happy Nappy. It checks all the boxes that a new parent would have to take care of their baby's tender skin.
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