Cloth Diaper Like Your New Age GrandMom!

Traditionally, cloth has been the chosen form of diapering for ages. Cloth diapers of yore consisted of a folded square or rectangle of cloth and were fastened with safety pins. These traditional cloth diapers were made of natural fibers, mostly cotton, and had no stay dry fibres such as fleece, often keeping the baby wet and prone to limited absorbency. But today’s cloth diapers or “modern cloth diapers” focus on keeping the baby dry and comfortable in addition to preventing leaks. 

Most grandmas of today have used traditional cloth diapers for their children, and we thought we’ll ask them how modern cloth diapers fare in comparison! Here’s what they said :)


49-year-old Rajamani Murugesan, a homemaker from Madurai is grandmom to a 4-month-old little girl. She was initially apprehensive about modern cloth diapers as they seemed bulky and required more effort than disposables. Things changed drastically with time and practice. She says "Now I am completely satisfied in using cloth diapers for my granddaughter”

Cloth Diapering Grandmom

Now that she is so pro-cloth diapering she even recommends that her daughter invests in increasing her cloth diapers stash size to be able to continue cloth diapering uninterruptedly.


Shanthi Kumar, an enthusiastic 52 year old grandmom from Chennai reminisces about cloth diapering her daughter.  She says, "During my days, when I cloth diapered my daughter with traditional langots and dhoti cloth, we had to also use a rubber sheet, in spite of all that there used to wetness till the chest and also my clothes, making nights very difficult.” 

She is fascinated by the leak-proof feature of modern cloth diapers and feels that they have made her outings with her grandson an enjoyable experience. 

"I initially thought modern cloth diapers were hard to clean, but must admit that laundering todays diapers is way easier than laundering traditional diapers”, she adds.

She also finds the prints as an added cute factor on her grandson.


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