Cloth Diapering From A Dad's Perspective

Cloth Diapering From A Dad's Perspective


Our Guest Author Prashanth N. works in a technology company in Bangalore and here he talks about his cloth diapering journey for his little girl Dhwani. 


I came to know about modern cloth diapers (MCDs) through my wife Saranya. She had done a thorough research about them while she was pregnant and made sure she kept me updated on everything she came across.

We had decided to raise our baby in a traditional way, just like how we grew up, and wanted to make her aware of sustainable living options which is the need of the hour, especially for the current generation. MCDs blend the convenience of modern day with the traditional approach of using cloth in diapering needs. When we chanced upon modern cloth diaper, both of us were in awe--that such a thing actually existed.

Saranya compared the various options available and decided on Bumpadum, primarily because it was “Made in India” and the reviews were good; I just went with her decision. I still remember, the first shipment that reached home even before our baby girl Dhwani was born. It was quite a sight—the prospect of interesting, colorful diapers along with new born baby clothes instead of the plain Jane disposable options.

But one concern that I personally had was whether the baby would be free to move as the diapers seemed a little bulky on our lean baby girl. Dhwani has been a side sleeper from Day-One. When we upgraded from cloth nappies to Neos after the initial few weeks, I observed that she still slept on her side. That was when I understood that she was still able to move at her will, and have never doubted these cloth diapers ever since.

Relatives who had observed us from close quarters were quick to support us as they were able see how the diapers work and how comfortable the baby was in them. But there have been times when people have passed comments on our choice of diapering, with some even discouraging us from using them altogether. We have simply turned a deaf ear to all this because we truly believe in them.

Our little Dhwani has reached all her milestones while being cloth diapered all along. I feel that lot of people need to be made aware of modern diapers so that they can really help the world and their child with a lot of ease.

Dads need to be educated on how cloth diapers work.  It makes a lot of economic and environment sense to use cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are economical in the long time and honestly, who wants a disposable diaper to stay on this planet even after we (and our babies) are long gone! I personally don't want to add any negative karma to my baby's account. I am very proud of the fact that we use cloth diapers for our baby and would definitely recommend any new parent or soon-to-be parents.

I enjoy picking out a diaper for our baby when I am around. Print-wise, my top three favourite prints are the musical one (Rhapsody), the dino one (Tech-o-saurus) and the cool blue one (Fairy Lights). Over time, I have also learnt how to change a diaper - I may not change it every time but when the need comes, I am equipped. A father is only born along with the child - so unless I learn certain things, I may not be nurturing the father in me!

I strongly believe that we cannot preach anything to our kids. They learn from what they see and we need to be role models for them to observe and learn from. If I am not setting the right example for my daughter, then I don't have the right to blame her for any of her actions in the future.

Choosing to cloth diaper her has been one of our best parenting decisions so far. This probably is the best start to the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ lesson where we are hoping to set an example for her to learn from!


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