Getting Hooked to Cloth Diapering With Duet Diapers

Isn’t this new phase with your little one so exciting? Getting to see the munchkin grow and reach milestones is going to be such a treasured memory. We are glad that your junior has graduated to the exciting world of one-size cloth diapers and you are ready to explore cloth diapers with Bumpadum. 

Bumpadum’s premium Duet Stay Dry All-in-one diaper packs in a perfect mix of soft stay dry comfort for your little one along with flexibility to decide on how much absorbency you want.  The Duet Stay Dry diaper is the world’s ONLY diaper to have pre-prepped hemp fabric. The Duet insert has two parts that can be snapped together - you can use it with just one part of the insert to keep it trim or both parts to have more absorbency. The insert is pre-prepped and needs just one wash before night time usage. If required, you can add a hemp booster to make it last 2-3 hours more at night if your baby is a heavy wetter.

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Knowing the Duet Diaper Better

1. What does a Duet diaper look like?

2. What are the different components of a Duet diaper?

Duet Diapers have two parts - Waterproof outer shell and two-part insert.  

Shell has a microfleece inner lining and comes with a two-part insert made of hemp fleece and cotton terry topped with a stay-dry microfleece layer. 

3. Does the Duet diaper need any prepping? When will the Duet inserts reach full absorbency?

The hemp used in the Duet insert is pre-prepped, meaning that it has full absorbency right from the beginning. You need to wash it once only to get rid of any dust from the manufacturing process.

4. How do you put on a Duet diaper?

5. Why is the Duet diaper called a one-size diaper?

The Duet diaper fits children from 5-15 kgs. This is possible because it has 4 rise settings to adjust the length and 5 settings to adjust in the waist area. So instead of switching to the next size diaper every few months, you can use the same diaper from 3 months to 3 years approximately by making appropriate adjustments in the diaper

6.In how many ways can the Duet diapers be used?

The Duet diapers can be used for smaller babies closer to the starting recommended weight range of 5 kgs by using only one part of the diaper to keep it trim for daytime usage. Depending on the baby's absorbency needs, you can use both parts of the insert for nighttime usage or once the baby’s weight is above 7 kgs. 

7. How can I use the Duet diaper for my younger infant?

If your baby’s weight is closer to the starting weight range of 5kg, you can use only the longer part of the insert during daytime to keep the diaper trimmer. While fitting the diaper, use the smallest rise setting on the shell. When you pull up the insert, you may need to fold it back at the front to make it fit within the shell. This is applicable for babies at the beginning weight range only, and will only be required for a few short weeks. For night time usage, you can use both parts of the insert to have sufficient absorbency to last through the night. 

8. How can I use the Duet diaper for my older infant? 

If your baby’s weight is 7kg or more, you can use both parts of the insert both for day or night-time.

9. How can I use a Duet diaper for my toddler?

For your toddler aged 1.5 years and above, we recommend using the Duet shell with toddler insert. You can request for the Duet toddler insert instead of standard insert when you place your order. The toddler insert is a long foldable insert that is made of 2 layers of hemp and 2 layers of cotton terry topped with a stay-dry microfleece layer. It gives a minimum 8 layers of absorbency when folded in half. You can fold this insert in many ways to maximise the absorbency layers where it is required the most. Here are some ideas for folds 

10. How can I use a Duet diaper in day time?

You can use a Duet diaper with one or both parts of the insert for your infant in day time. When both inserts are used, the diaper can be expected to last for 3-4 hrs in daytime.  

11. How can I use a Duet diaper at night-time?

If the diaper lasts for 4 hrs in the day-time, you can expect it to last for about 8-9 hrs in the night time. Babies tend to pee more during their active hours in daytime and have some amount of bladder control when they are asleep which helps the diaper to last longer during the night. If you want the diaper to last longer during the night, you can add our hemp booster along with the inserts to get 2-3 hrs of additional absorbency.

12. Can I use the Duet shell with other inserts? 

All of Bumpadum’s one size inserts and shells are compatible with each other. You can use Duet shell with standard two-part insert, toddler insert, stay dry organic cotton insert, 4Night prefold or small/medium prefold

13. Can I use Duet shell without insert? 

Insert is the part of the diaper that makes it absorbent. Without the insert, the shell itself cannot be used as it does not have any absorbency on its own.If you wish to use the Duet shell as a swim diaper, then you can use it without insert. If your baby is almost potty trained and you want a diaper without any additional insert, just to catch accidents, you can try our potty training pants available at

14. How is the Duet diaper better than other competitor products?

  • Bumpadum diapers have side snaps which helps in giving a perfect fit and no wing droop (where the sides of the diaper front droop down, leading to loose fit and leaks)
  • The side snaps also keep the front free of multiple sets of confusing buttons and ensure a trim fit. 
  • Duet inserts are the ONLY diapers in the world which have pre-prepped hemp fabric. This ensures that you get the full absorbency of thirsty hemp with just one wash.
  • Duet diaper size is perfect for Indian babies as compared to many other rebranded Chinese shells that are meant for chubbier Caucasian/Asian babies
  • Customizable absorbency for a trimmer diaper for younger babies
  • Premium quality microfleece lining on the shell and same used on the inserts to give stay dry comfort to baby. This microfleece is made using a special yarn that does not require chemical treatment and is suitable for babies with a sensitive skin too.
  • Cute prints for great aesthetics
15. What is the longevity of the diaper?

The diaper will last for 150-200 washes or more if you follow wash guidelines shared by us. Some moms (including our founder Anuradha Rao) have used the products for their first child and have gone on to use the same products for their second child also. 

16. What Do Users Say About Duet Diapers?

Duet diapers are loved by many many moms for how it works perfectly for their little one. Bumpadum mommy Poorani Bharath says she loves Duet diapers for 4 reasons:

  • Unmatched quality.
  • Subtle, yet beautiful prints.
  • Separate waist and thigh snapping adjustments.
  • Feather soft stay dry inserts

She adds that she finds Duet diapers to be "Absolutely comfortable on my baby who has a very highly sensitive skin.

Thank you Bumpadum for such a wonderful product."


Bumpadum mommy Arunima Krishnan loves using our Duet diapers. She says "I associate ‘Bumpadum’ with simplicity and trust. I use Duet diapers and cover diapers as well . It has given my baby many comfortable hours of naps. It's really soft on the baby and learning to put them on is quick and easy. The support team does a fantabulous job, working almost round the clock! Kudos to the team who have so lovingly made cloth diapering fun for novice moms like me. Recommend all mothers to blindly go for bumpadums. It's worth your time and money and the smile your baby would give while comfortably lounging in it, is priceless.


It is very easy to get hooked to cloth diapers if you find the perfect diaper that performs well and is easy to use. The Duet diaper not only checks these boxes but is versatile enough to let you experiment and find the best shell and insert combination. Of course with the premium quality materials used and emphasis on craftsmanship, you can rest assured that our Duet diapers will be the softest and most comfortable cloth diapers to take care of the tiny tush. 

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