Newborn Diapering with Neo Diapers

Newborn Diapering with Neo Diapers

Congratulations! Months of waiting have come to an end and your little bundle of joy has finally arrived :) Overnight perhaps you find yourself having to take care of responsibilities that were unimagined previously. Every small decision comes with the big question “Is this the best thing to do/choose for the baby?”. Congratulations also on taking the huge step towards choosing eco-friendly diapers for your baby! 

Here’s some advice right at the beginning. It may take some time to figure out what works best for your baby. A newborn baby also creates a new parent, and as with other parenting choices, cloth diapers also need some patience to learn and understand how it works. So don’t get disheartened if at first you are unable to figure out the right fit or the right wash routine. Take a deep breath, and believe that if cloth diapers work for hundreds of thousands of parents across the world, they can work for you too. Once you make up your mind that it will work, learning how to use cloth diapers will be that much easier :)

Now that you are here, let us assure you that you are at the right place. 

1. Why do you need newborn cloth diapers?

Newborn diapers are essential to keep your baby comfortable, to protect your baby's gentle skin from harsh chemicals and plastic. While plain nappies are great for limited time usage, they cannot be used for naps or night times. They also require constant changing, which means there’s no rest for you :(.

2. Which Bumpadum diaper is suitable for newborn babies? 

We make Bumpadum Neo Putani diapers specially for newborn babies. They are the most effective and efficient cloth diapers for newborns since they can be used in a tie-method for those initial weeks, and then can be used like normal cloth diapers until the baby turns 6-7 months old depending on baby's build. Plus, the baby only outgrows the waterproof shell, the insert can continue to be used as a booster with larger one size diapers.

3. What makes Bumpadum Neo the best diaper for newborns?? 

  • Neo Putani diapers fit from 2 kgs to 8 kgs, typically from birth till the baby is around 8- months old, depending on the baby's build. So if you have a smaller baby, you don’t have to worry that the diaper will not fit her, just use it in the tie method. If you have a larger baby, you don’t have to worry that the baby will outgrow the diaper in 3 months, you will easily be able to use it till 6-7 months.
  • The diaper is size adjustable and grows with your baby. It has 4 snap settings on the wings to adjust the diaper as per the baby's waist circumference. 3 rise settings on the front allow you to adjust the length of the diaper. 

4. What does a Neo diaper look like? 
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5. What are the different components of a Neo diaper?

Neo Diapers have two parts - Waterproof outer shell and a trifold insert 

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6. In how many ways can Neo diapers be used?

You can use the Neo diaper in two different ways. As soon as the baby is born, you can use the trifold insert as a stand-alone nappy. Once the baby is 3.5+kg (or more based on the baby’s build) you can use the trifold insert padfolded paired with the outer shell. 

7. How can I use the Neo insert in tying form?

The Neo Putani trifold insert comes with a tying loop to use it like a nappy. This picture shows how to use the insert as a nappy

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8. How can I use the Neo for a smaller newborn?

You can use the Neo trifold for a newborn like a nappy as shown above. 

9. How can I use the Neo for an infant?

The trifold insert can be padfolded and snapped onto the Neo shell to use it for an infant. Even when the baby outgrows the Neo diaper, you can continue using the trifold insert as a booster. 

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10. How many months can I use the Neo diaper?

Depending on the child’s build you can use the Neo diapers for about 8-9 months for an average build child. 

11. Until what weight can I use the Neo diaper?

Neo diaper can be used till approximately 8 kgs weight

12. Will the Neo diaper keep my baby’s skin dry?

The trifold insert has one layer of microfleece in one panel. When you padfold and use this insert, fold it such that the microfleece layer comes on top, here’s a picture for your reference. 

13. Can I use the Neo diaper for my older baby?

If your baby has a lean build, you can continue using this diaper till the child is about an year old/around 9-9.5 kgs weight. And you can continue using the Neo Putani insert as a booster for as long as your child is in diapers.

14. What fabric is the Neo shell made of?

The Neo shell is made up of a soft breathable waterproof fabric. The shell has an inner lining of premium quality microfleece fabric. Waterproof outer shell prevents leaks and helps in keeping the baby's clothes dry. 

15. What fabric is the Neo Putani insert made of?

The trifold insert is made up of soft, absorbent cotton along with a laminated layer at the back to hold moisture better. The best part about this insert is that it can be used independently as a traditional nappy. 

16. Do you need a pin to hold it in place? 

No. The trifold insert comes with a tying loop to secure the nappy. This feature will be particularly useful as soon as the baby is born. With a newborn's soft skin you would want only the gentle care that a trusted natural fabric such as cotton can give. 

17. How many hours will the Neo diaper last?

The Neo diaper lasts for about 2-3 hours in the daytime. Once the baby's poop schedule stabilizes and the baby starts sleeping for longer durations, you will be able to use the diaper for 5-6 hrs in the nighttime

18. How often should I change the Neo diaper?

To maintain good hygiene, do remember to change the diaper every 2-3 hrs in daytime unless the baby has passed motion, in which case the diaper needs to be changed immediately. 

19. How many hours will the diaper take to dry?

The shell takes about an hour and the insert takes about 3-4 hrs in good direct sunlight to get dried.

20. How many times can I wash and reuse the Neo diaper?

The diaper is made to withstand more than 300 washes. 

21. Can you share more details about the insert and its absorbency?

The trifold insert has multiple layers of cotton for absorbency spread across 3 panels. This ensures that the insert dries really quickly. This feature is going to be much appreciated by you in the days ahead when you find yourself changing the baby’s diapers frequently thanks to the multiple times newborns poop!

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There's a stay dry layer on the trifold insert to keep your cherub's bottom dry and comfortable. If you would rather be more comfortable having only a natural fabric against the baby's skin, you can fold it such that the panel with stay dry layer is overlapped by the panel with cotton only.

This diaper has a great absorbency - if the baby hasn't passed motion you can keep the diaper on for 2-3 hrs in the daytime. Mind you, those tiny little ones pass motion very frequently and you may have to wait for the first few weeks to pass to be able to use the diaper this long. Once the baby's poop schedule stabilizes and the baby starts sleeping for longer durations, you will be able to use the diaper for 5-6 hrs in the nighttime. 

22. Is it necessary to invest in newborn diapers? Why can't I use a one size diaper right from birth so that I can keep using the same diaper for longer? 

We have designed our Neo diapers in a way that it fits younger babies (in the tying form) as well as older babies upto 8-9 months of age.
We recommend getting newborn diapers for the early days because a newborn's body structure and proportion is very different as compared to an infant's. A newborn diaper gives a trim fit for the baby and you can easily put onesies/footsies etc. over it. This won't be the case with one size diapers on a newborn baby as the fit itself won't be appropriate. Also, the baby only outgrows the waterproof shell of our newborn diaper. The insert can be continued to be used as a booster in larger diapers.

23. Elders in the family suggested using traditional nappies made of old cloth for the baby. Will I still need these diapers? 

Homemade flat diapers (big square/rectangular pieces of cloth that can be folded and used with diaper pins) will be greatly useful for quick changes. Unfortunately, they really don't have good absorption and need changing every few minutes. Also, not being waterproof makes them a bit messy to handle. While you may still manage with them at home if you have helping hands, you would definitely need diapers for naps, visits to the hospital, stepping out in general etc. 

24. Can we use the diaper for nighttime? 

Yes, most certainly you can! You can venture into night diapering once the baby starts sleeping for a good number of hours through the night. In the meanwhile, please work on getting the fit right. You can refer to the fit tutorial we send, watch our YouTube video and reach out to our customer support to get all the help that you need in this step. If the diaper lasts 2-3 hrs in daytime, it would last about 5-6 hrs in nighttime. If you are one of the fortunate ones whose bub sleeps for longer hours, you can add a hemp booster to the Neo Putani diaper to give it additional 2-3 hrs of absorbency. 

25. What Do Users Say About Neo Putani?

Dr. Shivani Nayak absolutely loves using the Neo Putani diaper for her petite build daughter. She says "The idea of a trifold for a newborn diaper is very welcoming because we need a lot of diaper changes in the initial few weeks obviously because newborns poop a lot"

When for her light wetter baby it lasted for 4 hrs in daytime in the first use, she knew she could trust Neo Putani for night time on her second usage itself and it delivered with a knock-out performance of 10 hrs. She loves that the trifold can be used without an outer shell for babies(preemies or constitutionally small babies) making it a versatile option.

For Chennai-based mommy Ramya Naik, using Neo diapers have given her the much needed confidence right at the start of her cloth diapering journey. The simplest way she uses Neo Putani diapers is by padfolding the trifold insert and on most days the diaper lasts for 3 hrs at least in the daytime. She adds "The trifold holds poop really well and doesn't leak. Washing is easy, like any other clothing"

Having the microfleece option gives her peace of mind as she need not worry about wetness any longer. Ramya feels that Neo Putani "makes diapering an easier and happier experience."

Flora Stanislaus has used Bumpadum diapers for her firstborn and recently her newborn as well. She says "Neos are my personal favorite. Extremely trim and fits a newborn perfectly. Light for those sensitive skin and you will never know if there is a diaper at all under those teeny tiny onesies. Bonus is the trifold which holds tight for upto 2hrs without leak."

26. These diapers look promising! How many should I buy and how can I build my stash? 

Depending on how many times your baby poops and if you plan to use only these diapers, you may need anywhere between 6-10 Neo diapers per day of usage. If you wash everyday, you would need 15-20 diapers in all. We have value packs of diapers available so that you can build your stash with some great discounts. If you plan to have a mixed stash of Neo diapers, flat diapers and prefolds, we would recommend getting 5-6 Neo diapers and about 12-15 prefolds and a similar number of flats too. 

With a mixed stash, you can use flat/prefolds for a large part of the time when the baby is awake. Remember that flats/prefolds are not waterproof by themselves so you’ll need to use a dry sheet under the baby so that the bed/your clothes don’t get dirty. When the baby is asleep during a nap or night time or if you need to make a trip to the hospital, use the Neo diapers. 

27. My baby may outgrow the diapers soon. What can I do with them afterwards? 

  • Even after the baby outgrows the diapers, you can still use the trifold insert as a booster along with other inserts
  • Keep the diapers aside for a future baby. 
  • You can sell well-maintained diapers for around 50-60% of the purchase price. 
  • The inserts are made of very absorbent fabric. As your baby grows, you’ll see the need to have many many washcloths/cleaning cloths, so you can go ahead and repurpose the clean inserts for this.
  • Earn some good karma by donating to an orphanage 

Starting your cloth diapering journey with Neo diapers would be the best thing to do as they would help you overcome your doubts about cloth diapers. With a better understanding of how, what, why of cloth diapers, sticking to them through infant and toddler days ahead would perhaps be easier. Cloth diapering with Neo diapers in the newborn days would also make it easier to learn cloth diapering basics such as getting the fit right and graduating this phase would truly mean that you are ready to rock and roll with cloth diapers. 

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