10 ways to reuse Bumpadum packing material

10 ways to reuse Bumpadum packing material


Bumpadum Packaging material

Our mom-tribe member and a Bumpadum user for the last one and half years, Revathy Raju won our coveted title of "Sustainability Goddess" a few months ago. In this guest blog post, she pens down multiple uses of our sustainable packaging material.

Whenever we receive a package from Bumpadum, the excitement is usually two-fold. One, the irresistible diapers themselves and two, the eco-friendly and sustainable packaging they come in.

Sustainability and creativity go hand-in-hand with Bumpadum packing material. Here I am sharing all that I have managed to create using the packaging materials-- velour wraps, carton boxes and the ribbons Bumpadum sends its products in.

  1. Bandana bib – I have not been very successful in making my son wear a bib. So, I decided to make one on my own using the velour wrap in which the diapers come wrapped in. The bib is soft, super absorbent, easy to wear and the added bonus is that he loves wearing the bib.

  2. Colour cubes – One of my daughter’s teddy bears doesn’t have a good quality coat; the kids used to sneeze a lot around it. So I decided to make a cube with the soft velour wrap, adding different colours to each of the sides. Now my son has an awesome time squeezing the colourful cube
  3. Velour smiley – Again, the velour follow the same DIY procedure as that of the colour cubes.

  4. My Little Krishna – I’m very fond of a little Krishna we have at my mother’s house which I have had since my hostel days for almost ten years. But I missed taking him along after my wedding and it is nowhere to be found now. So I decided to make my own Krishna. Here he is in all his glory and the Bumpadum wraps gave him the grandeur I expected. I made this cute little Krishna from my daughter’s doll. The butter pot and flute were also crafted using the velour wraps.

  5. Kitchen set – My daughter is very fond of kitchen utensils so I made this kitchen set using the Bumpadum cartons. The sink, oven and the gas top have all been fabricated using the Bumpadum boxes.
  6. Photobooth props – I made these recently for the Bumpadum family meet we hosted in Bengaluru. I made a frame for a photobooth by using the sides of cardboard boxes. These props are easy to make, budget-friendly and open to a whole lot of customisation according to our requirements.

    Bumpadum Photobooth prop from packaging material
  7. Drool pads - Inspired by an entry from the sustainability contest, I started using wraps as drool pads on my full buckle carrier. Super soft and easily washable.
  8. Book mark – Made a book mark using one of the Bumpadum ribbons. Helps holding the pages tight while my daughter does her homework. Can be used as a bookmark too.
  9. Storage – There is no limit to using the carton boxes for storage purpose. We use it to store medicines, charger cables and other knick-knacks. You name it, we store it!
  10. Ribbons – I use them in so many different ways. Tying my daughter’s fluffly frocks is one of them. 

There are so many other usages of these pretty ribbons:

  • Making instant performance appreciation medals
  • Used with toys
  • Used for organising bangles
  • Made an instant hairclip to match her peach frock

Here’s hoping you get your creative juices flowing and make as many items as possible with the lovely packaging at your disposal!

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