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Unveiling the Power of Prefolds

Prefolds are among the simplest cloth diapers in existence, next only to flats. They consist of multiple layers of cloth stitched together in a square/rectangle shape, typically in 3 panels that can be folded in various ways and secured on a baby using a diaper pin or other fastener. Bumpadum prefolds come with a tying loop and so you can use them without any pins or diaper fasteners. 

Don’t be fooled by their simple look though, looks can be deceptive! With multiple layers of fabric on the two outer panels and an even thicker center panel, these prefolds are perfect for heavy duty absorbency needs. These incredibly versatile prefolds can be used from newborn stage until potty training stage, and can be used both directly on the baby's bottom or padfolded within a waterproof shell. They are super soft and a great option throughout the year.

Bumpadum prefold users swear by the ease of use and absorbency of prefolds.


Ramya Sampath a software engineer by occupation, loves the versatility and absorbency of a prefold making it her favourite in her mixed stash.

Prefold diaper usage

This Bumpadum mom tells us that prefolds were the first product she fell in love with in our one-size starter pack. She says “I just adore the look of prefolds on my baby boy, which adds some ethnicity, looking like a dhoti. I use them in various folds depending on my need  - newspaper fold, bikini fold, diva fold and jelly roll fold”.

Prefold diaper folds

Bangalore-based homemaker, Kavya Shree S, appreciates the absorbency capacity of a prefold, all thanks to our 3X6X3 configuration, offering 12 layers of absorbent organic cotton, when padfolded.

Prefold diaper usage

Kavya Shree is an ardent fan of cloth diapers and has cloth diapering her younger child since birth. During the initial newborn stage, prefolds along with a cloth nappy were her preferred choice. She found the prefolds to be a boon when her baby was too young to fit into other diapers. She says “I padfolded the prefolds and used them with a cloth nappy when my boy was young and later paired them with an Aviva shell for nighttime diapering, ensuring peaceful sleep for both baby and me!”

Prefold diaper padfolded usage


The next mom who talks about the power of prefolds is Preethi Manu, lecturer by profession. She simply likes how creative one can get in folding a prefold and loves the mix and match fun a cloth diaper can offer.

Prefold diaper usage

She says “I switched to traditional cloth langots after my baby boy got diaper rashes with the use of disposable diapers, and I was still on the lookout for better options, and that is when I stumbled upon Bumpadum cloth diapers”.

“I absolutely love how modernized the padfolded prefold looks when paired with an Aviva or Duet shell and I am beyond happy to see my baby boy sleep comfortably for hours without compromising on health, style and look. I love the ease of maintenance and the eco-friendly nature of a prefold”, she adds.


Want to share your experience with prefolds? Send us a message at, we'll be happy to feature you in our blog! :)

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