What Every New Parent Needs to Know About Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers for newborn babies

Every new parent has an umpteen number of choices to make and advice flies thick and fast from all quarters. It’s important to get the facts right when making a choice for your baby no matter if it is as small a choice as getting the best diaper. For someone who is a new parent and thinks that disposable diapers are the only option, think again because there are many cloth diapering options now available. Wait what, cloth diapers in this age and era? 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say cloth diapers have been around for ages! From swaddles to the first mass produced cloth diaper in the late 1940s, cloth diapering now has become way more convenient and far more trendy than it was 2 decades ago. 

Your search for the perfect diaper for your little one stops here if:

  1. You are looking for chemical free options - With Bumpadum cloth diapers there won’t be any harsh chemicals against your baby’s gentle skin
  2. Your baby has sensitive skin - If your baby tends to get rashes every time you use a disposable diaper, then worry not, Bumpadum diapers could help you turn the corner. Often chemicals combined with the plastic layer in disposables is a major cause for rashes. 
  3. Your wallet hurts every time you buy a pack of plastic diapers - With Bumpadum diapers even with the most generous estimate you can still save 50% or more as compared to disposables. 
  4. You are done with the runny poop explosions which disposable diapers are not able to hold - Bumpadum diapers are as good as bullet-proof in holding poopsplosions if you have got the fit right. 
  5. You cringe at the sight of used dirty diapers lying on the roadside - Eeks! Plus they keep lying around in landfills for more than 500 years impacting the environment all around including soil and water table
  6. You are eco-conscious and looking for eco-friendly low/zero-waste solutions: Disposable diapers are neither compostable nor can be burnt. Using Bumpadum diapers would mean you can prevent 1.3 tons of disposable diaper trash from going into the landfill. You can take pride in saying that your little bundle of joy hasn’t contributed to the garbage generated from your home. 
  7. You believe in ancient wisdom and going back to our roots - well certainly grandmas know the best and they didn’t shy away from using cloth diapers or in toilet training you early.
  8. You hate to see those boring whites below those lovely outfits - Simple, you get Bumpadum diapers in all sorts of prints that you could possibly imagine -  classy, fun, colourful 

Here are some myths about reusable cloth diapers that we feel should be addressed at this point:

  1. They are difficult to maintain - Bumpadum diapers are made up of cloth, they require washing and maintenance similar to other clothing. If the thought of handling a pooped in diaper scares you, having a jet spray in the toilet and using reusable liners will be great to keep your hands clean. Watch out, there will be many gross things that you may have to handle as a parent, way more gross than soiled diapers. Parenting is certainly not for the faint-hearted!
  2. They make the baby feel wet - Bumpadum cloth diapers come with a stay dry fabric that keeps the baby’s bottom comfortable and dry. 
  3. They have leakage issues - Bumpadum diapers have a waterproof outer layer that prevents any leakage from happening. These cloth diapers are perfect for modern lifestyles and you need not worry about changing baby’s clothes or soft furnishings every time that the baby pees. 
  4. Your bathroom/laundry area will stink - Not if you rinse the diapers after use and store them in a well aerated space in a pail liner
  5. Cloth diapers cannot be used when travelling - Wet Bags are your saviour! Any used diapers can be stored in wet bags and they neither leak nor do they let out any odour. 
  6. It’s costly to start with - While the upfront cost of cloth diapers may be slightly high, cloth diapering can even be done in a budget. You can cloth diaper like a pro by stocking up on a few cover diapers and lots of reusable inserts/prefolds, with All-in-one diapers reserved for nap, overnight, outdoor visits. A perfect stash need not be high on cost but one that gives great performance in an economical way. 
  7. They are bulky - Cloth diapers are no more the same as their predecessors of the yore, they don’t need to be folded multiple times and held together with a pin. Bumpadum’s modern cloth diapers are one of the trimmest fitting diapers that you would ever find and they fit nicely below regular clothes - whether be it pants or onesies. 
  8. They are difficult for other caregivers to use - Bumpadum diapers are very easy to use - all they need is a shell and a suitable insert to mix and match. No confusing buttons in the front, the side snapping system makes it very easy for caregivers to use Bumpadum diapers. You can keep the diapers ready for other caregivers to use in your absence by pairing your favourite shells with favourite inserts. 

Cloth diapering does have a bit of a learning curve but they are worth taking up for many many reasons, be it your baby’s comfort, or the environment or the monetary aspects, the benefits are too many. So do give it a try, and we promise we are going to be there every step of the way to assist you :) 

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Cloth diapers are easy on your pocket and great for the environment! Highly absorbent too

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