All About Bhoomi Cloth Pads

What are Bhoomi Cloth Pads?

Bhoomi Cloth Pads give you wet-free comfort thanks to the luxurious cotton velour cloth touching your skin. They are backed by laminated fabric, so no more worries of leaks!

With a 5-layer organic cotton core, our cloth pads give you enough absorbency to last 5-6 hours during daytime. For night times, our Large pads provide sufficient absorbency to last all night!

The contoured shape of our pads give you perfect fit, with no slippage when worn with appropriate underwear.

Cloth Pads vs. Disposable Pads

Cloth Pads

Disposable Pads

Comfortable: with the soothing touch of cloth Uncomfortable:  with unbreathable plastic touching skin
Eco-friendly: reusable, no disposal hassles Environmental hazard: Non-biodegradable, stays in landfills for 500+ years
Skin-friendly: does not cause rashes Anti-skin: may cause rashes or allergies
Long lasting: Set of 8-10 cloth pads last for over 3 years Buy more, throw more: Nearly 500 disposable pads required for 3 years
Economical: INR 2000 spent on cloth pads over 3 years Expensive: INR 5000 spent on disposable pads over 3 years 

Storing and Washing Cloth Pads

  • Change cloth pads every 5-6 hours to maintain good hygiene. 
  • Use our waterproof clutch to store used cloth pads when outdoors
  • After use, rinse and squeeze till water runs clear
  • Soak in room-temperature water and detergent for 1 hour
  • Agitate well with detergent solution
  • Line dry under sun if possible
  • After cycle wash all clean pads together with regular laundry for deep cleaning