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Very Soft and Comfortable

I've made multiple purchases of the Duet Pro night diaper. The material is very soft and the fit it really great. I haven't seen such a snug fit with any other cloth diaper brand. I could get all night usage with the 4 night pre-fold and the cotton pre-fold with a hemp Booster.

Beautiful, soft and comfortable

I got my first set of 3 XL Bhoomi pads from Amazon and fell in love with it after using it post partum. Now I got a bundle of 4 liners/backup for cups and 1 large pad along with two reversible clutches. Felt so satisfied and happy seeing all the vibrant prints!

Irresistibly beautiful

Was looking for Bhoomi pads and decided to get a bundle pack with a reversible clutch. I ended up buying two of the beautiful clutches! Good night-Bow Wow is such an amazing clutch! In love with it!

Absolutely beautiful

Got my reversible pouches (was only planning for one, but couldn’t resist the prints and got two beauties) along with Bhoomi cloth pads. Just beautiful and useful product. Fell in love with them the moment I saw them out of the package!

Bumpadum MiniBag
Indhumathi Karthikeyan

I like very much print and zip quality best one

N.E.A.T. Two Night Combo
Praveena Vankadari
N.E.A.T two night combo

Thanks for sending the print which I asked.
I am satisfied with this product and 4 night prefold insert is good.

About starter pack

Best pack for new start
I have searched a lot for the best diaper bcz I'm a new mom finally I found bumpadum. Yes it was good very comfortable, working 3 times better then a disposable diaper,eco friendly and we can save money also

Pretty Good

The diaper is good and fits my baby but it gets leaked at the back. Though it is very little, we can feel the wetness on the diaper. I have followed the instructions on how to use it but still it happens. So, I just pulled the insert upwards such that it covers the leakage.

We are sorry to hear that you are facing leaks using the diaper. We have contacted you asking for fit pictures so that we can help you better to avoid the leaks. Hoping to hear back from you soon

Lapland Minibag

Super cute print and can easily carry some cash,keys and phone

Peppy Pouch
Shruthi K jagannath
Best gift for kids

superb print, zip quality very good. Love it for kids

Good buy..

IDries fast and can be used with multiple inserts.

Cloth Sanitary napkins

Extremely comfortable, soft feel and very environment friendly…wish I had known about these earlier.

Great option for diaper free time. Material is very soft and stay dry layer keeps baby's bum wet free. We can also stuff an insert for increased absorbency.

Hemp Booster

This is a wonderful product that makes the inserts last longer. I've paired these with different kind of inserts and diaper shells and they work with almost all kinds of inserts. Because these are very thin, they don't add to the bulk and the baby feels comfortable. They can be washed and dried without much effort too.

Good absorbency, but cannot be used for long times. Gets wet soon. Can be used as flat or padfolded and used as insert too

Nice product

Reversible Clutch - Make Your Own Combination
Raksha Ganesh
One of the best clutches out there!

The quality and beautiful prints of the clutch stand out. Love the precision with which it has been stitched!
Very handy and efficient, worth the buy.

Best clutch

Quality is good 👍 Got it to keep all medicines....it serves the purpose:) not too big nor not too small...perfect size. :)

Bumpadum MiniBag
Sujitha Anbarasu
Loved it

Gifted it for my friend...She loved it a lot:)on the go mini purse....Thank u Bumpadum.

Hemp booster

Very thin and good absorbancy. Quick drying.

Reversible Clutch - Make Your Own Combination
Indhumathi Karthikeyan

Zip and material ,print quality Really super very useful travelling purpose I like very much


Highly comfortable and recommended


All super but wipes very small material so soft,print Really super

Peppy Pouch
Indhumathi Karthikeyan
Quality Super

superr print, zip quality very super I like very much material Really so soft

Duet Pro night diaper

4 night prefold inserts are working around 12 hours loved it ❣