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Very good wipes

Super quality wipes

Waterproof Carry-On Bag
Preethi Raghul

The medium cluch is waterproof and hold 3to 4 wet dipers and the print is super lovable

Whimsea Light Blankie
Preethi Raghul
Good quality

Blanket is very soft and the print was looking super good .it's good for ac nd winter times.super soft with cotton jersy

Better than other cloth diapers that I use

Since my baby is a heavy wetter, I was searching for a product that would help me. Luckily, came across Bumpadum. Loved the prints and material.

Good cloth diaper

Lasted for 3 hours after that I was able to see the swaddle getting wet. Good for day time diapering needs

Good diaper but doesn't stay as long

I had used the diaper in the mentioned combination and it started getting wet in 3-4 hours itself. It is not equal to normal diaper but good solution for short time diapering needs

Hi Deepna,

We are sorry to hear that the diaper did not work as expected. Please share more details such as :

1.Fit pictures of when the diaper is on your baby. Ensure that the crotch and thigh areas are clearly visible. There should be at least one pic from above showing the lower half of the baby clearly from navel till feet
2.Your baby's weight and age
3. How long the diaper is lasting before leaking
4. Which detergent is being used to wash the diaper
We will be able to help you better after you share this information.

Excellent product

Very good product for babies.

Worth the money

Using it for evening times where the baby is active and it has been so soft on my new born skin.. no rashes. Also to say bumpadum has beautiful prints.

Newborn Cover Diaper - Pack of 3 (Print Options available)
Deepna Dinesh
Simple solution for day time diapering

Best diapers which are economical for new born days. It's very functional and easy to use. I had used it for my new born and it saved me from a lot of wetting issues. Combined it with the inserts and with other prefolds which saved a lot of diapering woes


Really soft. No elastic mark. Buttons have some issues to fix. Bt OK. Value for money

A must have for nights

It's a must have for nights. A female ped during my baby's birth came on rounds and she said avoid disposable diapers, esp since its a girl. She will have to use several such products from her teens. She requested me. I had to try several brands before I fell in love with this one. Perfect for nights!

Very useful

It's a one time use on cloth nappies but a must for my baby.

Just Superb!

Got this for my baby girl. Regret not knowing about this brand earlier. I invested on several other cloth nappies and disposable ones. This is just great. Loved the colour and everything else about it.

Newborn Cover Diaper - Pack of 5 (Print Options Available)
Mariyam Thameema
Very nice

Very nice

Loved it!

Very comfortable... Especially when the baby sleeps for a long stretch

Awesome product!

No fuss, even for the couple of minutes it takes to change a wet nappy😊


Lovely blanket! Lightweight and comfortable😊

Very good

Cloth quality is good.... Good design.... Best for outings.... Relatives kept saying dress was nice during tour .....


Cloth is somewhat thick and hard.... L size seems to be little tight even though size chart matches.... Earlier bought a cutee in seconds sale .... That was M size.... That fits perfect more than this.... Cloth was also gentle


Good for carrying cutlery... Used cutlery can also be kept in.... Instead of rope for tying a snap can be used for closure....

Very good

Cute design and covers front part fully.... Good for meal time


Trimmer diaper.... Good for newborn.... Sometimes wetness felt on sides of thigh.....

Trainer - Monstercon
RaviTeja K (via WhatsApp - verified by Zoko.io)

5 Stars - Very Good

Classic Pocket Day Diaper - Trikon
Arya Nishanth (via WhatsApp - verified by Zoko.io)

4 Stars - Good

4Night Prefold (Two Options available)
Arunjyothi jedha (via WhatsApp - verified by Zoko.io)
5 Stars - Very Good

The night time diaper is excellent. My child is a heavy wetter and I can easily count upon that for 8 hours absorption with dry feel.