Troubleshooting Cloth Diapers

Most problems faced in the initial days of cloth diaper usage can be fixed by checking for fit and wash routine.

If you are facing leaks with our cloth diapers, check the list below. After checking the items on this list, if you are still facing problems, you can schedule a video consultation with us here.

Fit, fit, fit:
Here is a link to our fit tutorial. Do ensure that all the steps are being followed while putting the diaper on.

  1. Leaks at the crotch and the back of the diaper mean that the insert is not snug enough next to the baby's skin. So try using a smaller rise setting on the diaper and/or place the diaper higher up at the back when you start. Ideally the wings of the diaper should be at the same level as the navel of the baby for younger babies. For older toddlers, the wings can be below the navel, but they still need to be above the hip bone.
  2. If you are facing leaks in the front, make sure you pull up the insert first before pulling up the shell while putting the diaper on, to ensure that the insert comes up all the way till the top of the shell. You can also put in your finger from the top and pull up the insert till the top of the shell after fitting the diaper. If the insert peeks beyond the shell, then fold it back to fit within the shell.
  3. If your baby is a tummy sleeper and the diaper is leaking in the front, AND you have followed all the instructions given above, then you may need to add a small wipe/booster in a T-hack as shown below. This will give more absorbency in the front, where your baby needs it.
cloth diaper t hack for tummy sleeping babies front leaks
Wash routine:
If you have followed all the fit tips and are still facing leaks, let's take a look into your wash routine. Here is a quick guide on the wash routine we recommend. Check that you are following the guidelines. If you need any help with your wash routine, click on the chat icon at the bottom of the page and we'll check your wash routine for you!