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Cover Diapers

How to use our diapers ?

Wash once before use. Follow the below instructions for fitting the diaper on the baby. For a video/picture tutorial Click Here

  • Snap the absorbent insert on to the waterproof shell. In case of a long insert, fold it lengthwise to fit within the length of the shell
  • Place the back of the diaper under the baby's bottom, with wings on either side aligned with the baby's navel
  • Fold the insert upwards and to the front keeping it snug next to the baby's skin
  • Pull the front of the diaper shell up to the navel, gently pulling the elastics and bringing the wings up to meet the flap
  • On each side, snap the hip snap first and then the waist snap
  • The diaper needs to be fitted as close to an underwear as possible. It should not hang down like a disposable diaper.
How to wash a used diaper ?

Click Here to read a detailed laundry routine.

  • Detach the insert from the shell and rinse in running water for 30-45 seconds as soon as it is taken off the baby
  • For poopy diapers knock the solids into the toilet using a faucet before rinsing
  • Collect all the used diapers over a maximum of two days in an open bucket
  • Pre-wash the diapers in washing machine or by hand with a teaspoon of detergent
  • Wash like a regular load with appropriate amount of a strong detergent like Surf Excel/Tide/Ariel. In case of hard water, please use Rustic Art Little Laundry
  • Do not use fabric softeners/enzymes/brighteners as they reduce the absorbency of the inserts
  • Warm wash recommended. Hot wash once a month (60C).
  • Rinse until there are no more suds
  • Line dry in the sun/shade
  • Do not use handbrush if washing by hand.
Troubleshooting leaks
  • Ensure that you have fit the diaper correctly. There should not be any gaps around the thigh from where leaks can happen.
  • Ensure that the diaper is washed as per wash routine with the right amount of detergent. Rinse well to eliminate any detergent buildup
  • Use adequate absorbency for your child. If you have a heavy wetter baby you may need to add a hemp booster for overnight usage of more than 8-9 hours.
  • Wash clean diapers in hot water (60C max) to remove any detergent buildup.
Troubleshooting stinking diapers

Diapers stinking of urine within 1-2 hours of usage indicate that the diapers are not getting clean enough.

  • Ensure you are following the wash routine.
  • Adjust the detergent quantity to clean the diapers properly.
  • Ensure the wash cycle is long enough to clean well
  • Do your next wash cycle in hot water (60C max). Repeat if one wash doesn’t solve the stink issue.
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