Cover Diapers

Cover diapers are trim waterproof shells that fit babies from 5-15 kgs. The purpose of using cover diapers is to make the absorbent materials waterproof and they can be paired with prefolds, Duet standard two-part insert, Toddler insert, organic cotton insert, stay dry organic cotton insert, flats.

These can be reused in case baby has done only pee by wiping it with wet cloth/air-drying and pairing it with a fresh set of inserts/flats/prefolds. This makes the cover diapers a very economical choice.

The stay dry organic cotton insert that is part of the cover diaper with insert combination has 7 layers of organic cotton and 1 of premium microfleece. This long insert can be folded to give extra absorbency as per baby's need and gives a minimum of 16 layers of absorbency when folded in half. The insert is designed such that you can give stay dry comfort to baby's bottom or choose goodness of organic cotton if you are looking for a natural fabric option for baby's gentle skin.

The cover diaper gives a sleek fit and is perfect for babies across different age groups. This is a very trim option specially for babies who are just transitioning to one size diapers.