Collection: Cover Diapers for Heavy Wetters

Cover diapers come with a trim waterproof shells that fit babies from 5-15 kgs and an absorbent long foldable insert. 

The shell can be reused in case baby has done only pee by wiping it with wet cloth/air-drying and pairing it with a fresh set of inserts. This makes cover diapers a very economical choice and suitable for daytime usage.

The long dry feel insert can be folded to give extra absorbency as per baby's need. The insert is designed such that you can give stay dry comfort to baby's bottom or choose a natural fabric option next to baby's gentle skin.

The cover diaper gives a sleek fit and is perfect for babies across different age groups. This is a very trim option especially for younger babies at the weight range of 5-7 kgs.

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